a) Mavericks fans are a strange bunch.

b) This guy should get together with the Mavs fan who is a basketball hoop and start a band that plays covers of Top 40 hits that have had the lyrics changed to be Mavericks specific. They should be called Nowitzkelback.

c) Alternately, they could be called That’s Dallas.

d) Or The Blue Eyed Ds.

e) Any less round of a head and this looks stupid.

f) That is all.

(via BuzzFeed)

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  1. “e) Any less round of a head and this looks stupid.”

    As opposed to the current situation, which is instead horrifying.

  2. thats a huge bitch

  3. Looks a little flat.

  4. that just makes me kind of sad.

  5. …and that is what happens when you leave your basketball next to the oven.

    and that, is Dallas! hehe hilarious…

  6. Is he in a floating chair like Baron Harkonnen from ‘Dune’?

    At some point I’m guessing he’ll probably need one.

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