This must be what DeShawn Stevenson was talking about when he said the Heat are “great actors.” A truly spectacular performance, that is definitely worthy of all the Oscar buzz. Eat your heart out, Streep.

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  1. LeBron is such a loser!

  2. These kind of plays cause 10 times more damage to Lebron’s rep than any quadruple double he’ll ever get . . .

  3. than any *good* a quadruple

  4. this shit has to stop. I can’t take it anymore.

  5. The last camera angle is just fantastic. Its like he’s playing against an invisible wall.

  6. Thank god he flopped! Without it, he would have lost 25% of his game points…

  7. what about jvg’s idea of fining the players? Gotta say this is an excellent idea … except for the prospect that it might bread some animosity between stern and the players, but who cares … once these idiots (talking about both sides) are locked into some sort of agreement. Also, as long as I’m ranting, the fine should be a percentage of the player’s yearly salary e.g. (.01 percent or something). Players earning more have more of a responsibility to the game.

  8. Haha, Stevenson, Carlisle and random fans all have the same hands-out “C’mon! Are you kidding me?” reaction.

  9. That was the more advanced stepback-flop. Impressive.

    No wonder the ref who was 5 feet away was fooled.

    That has to be why, right?

  10. clear fould ..he was breathing on him…

  11. The king? More like ‘The Mime’.

  12. What a douche…

  13. Mike Breen needs to stop sounding so happy and care free when someone flops, like it’s just part of the game. It’s a disgrace to the game, and JVG has the right reaction. If people sweep this under the rug like Breen wants to then nothing will change.

  14. I’d just love for some reporters to call players on the flopping after the game. There needs to be more public shaming for it to stop…

  15. I completely agree with the idea of fining players for BLATANT flops.

    - More playing, less faking
    - Games not decided by cheap fouls that didn’t really happen
    - It is the only way (other than mandated suspensions) to get players to stop this disgraceful act

    - Players will b*tch about it. (Who cares?)
    - “Hard to really tell what happened / maybe there was contact / who are we to judge how much of it was a normal reaction and how much was a flop”? This is a good argument against, so that is why I said BLATANT flopping, not just any flopping.

    Of course, commissioners are usually too conservative to make any real changes (see: Blatter, Sepp). Let’s see if Stern can positively surprise all of us by doing the right thing here.

  16. I don’t see anyone criticizing Dirk’s multiple flops of this post season.

    Look, I hate flopping as much as anyone, but you can’t “choose” which flop is alright and which is not alright. When a guy like John Salmons flop (no pun intended), nobody gives a flying poop. When it’s Kobe/LeBron/Durant/Wade/etc., everybody cries like a murder was committed. Let’s point out (and eventually fine) all floppers, not only superstars.

  17. Wow. Shame on the ref that was fooled by that.

  18. this is getting really annoying. and “some people” say that euros flop, like a lot.
    Come on.
    The superfriends flop more than anybody, and they do it in a really outrageous way. shame on them.

    Regarding “Dirk flopping”.
    Come on. Do you watch these games? Really? He is constantly WRESTLED in the post/high post, whenever he tries to settle, ok let’s just call it tough defense.
    Every single time he starts to dribble past haslem/anthony/whoever, he is constantly chestbumped-pushed-etc. That is the way a seven footer is called. Rarely a foul by the refs, though foul by the book.
    U just slightly bump a wing, especially a “star” wing player, automatic foul.
    Dirk should shoot like 30 FTs every game and that would just be fair.

  19. @Barachat

    There’s a difference between exaggerating contact to get a call and just straight up pretending there was contact.

  20. Baby Bronbron has to be the new “king” of flopping, taking away D-Fishs proud crown. The episode in the Bulls series when D-Rose swipes at the ball and Baby Bronbron pretends his eye was poked out deserves not only an Academy award, but also about a $25K fine.

    Even more egregious was last night in the 1st quarter of Game 4 of the finals. LeBaby drives along the sideline and without any contact suddenly snaps his head back, followed by his entire upper body as if he’s just been hit by a freight train. Of course the refs give him the phatom call and even T up the mavs coach for complaining. Three FTs for the cHeat for an unspostman like behavior. Ridiculous and should be hammered by the Angel of Stern.

    LeBaby is 6’8″ and 260 lbs, it would take an act of God to move him like that. In fact, if he played in the NFL and there was no “reward” for that behavior, he would be damn near immovable and impossible to tackle.

    So with all of the talk comparing Bronbron to MJ should end right now. MJ would have never faked contact to draw a cheap foul. Unsportsman like and cheapens any advantage he gains. It actually draws in the question of how great he can be if has to resoprt to this to “win” his title.

  21. @ Barachat I think you’re forgetting about James “Fear the Flop” Harden’s act in Game 3 of the Dallas/OKC series and the outrage it caused. Van Gundy called for him to be fined, so it’s not only the superstars.

  22. The NBA should start reviewing these types of plays after the game and give out technicals to blatant floppers. Not only would this fine them, it would count toward their technical limit for the year (leading to game suspensions if they do it too much).

    They already review the games because we’ve seen technicals rescinded many times this year, so it wouldn’t be much of an extra burden. It’s the only way I can see to police this crap.

    I completely agree with with theBeez that there is a difference between exaggerating contact and flat out faking it.

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