You might think that the Heat lost last night’s Game 4 because Dirk Nowitzki barely squeezed his right-handed layup past the outstretched arms of Udonis Haslem. Or maybe you chalk the Mavericks’ victory up to those couple late plays that went Dallas’ way at the end of the game, barely turning the tables the home team’s way. You could even just say that Dallas had the fourth quarter’s best player, so they won the game. There are a few logical explanations for last night’s result.

And then there’s this. From Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears:

“I can’t shoot the [missed fourth quarter] free throw any better than I did,” [Dwyane] Wade said. “It went in and came out. The basketball gods didn’t want it to go in. When you put yourself in a situation where you practice on that moment, you thought about that moment, you go out there and you shoot them like you normally do. That’s what I did. It eventually came out.” [...]

“It wasn’t because I wasn’t ready for the moment or haven’t been in that moment,” Wade said. “The basketball gods just had other plans.”

Ah yes, the classic “the basketball gods made me do it” excuse. It wasn’t anything that Dwyane Wade did to miss a free throw with 30.1 seconds left that would have tied the game. It was a supernatural force that caused the ball to spin out. Seems logical.

One problem I foresee is that cursing the basketball gods could anger them, resulting in even more missed free throws. With margins this tight, that could be huge. Stay tuned to this developing situation.

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  1. Wade is become increasingly dramatic.

    “The world wants the Heat to lose!”
    “The basketball gods didn’t want me to make my free throw!”

  2. To be fair, I don’t for a second think that Wade wilted under pressure. He’s been there too many times for that to be the reason. I think that sometimes people miss FTs, and sometimes people don’t catch inbound passes. No one is perfect and D-Wade just had the ill fortune of these statistical necessities happening to him in the last thirty seconds of Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

    I don’t think anyone can call Wade a choker the way he’s played so far in this series and given his pedigree.

    Either way, I’m rooting for Dirk and Kidd to get their ring.

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