Dallas Mavericks 86, Miami Heat 83
To paraphrase David Foster Wallace, this was an entertaining game I never want to see again. No replays. No Hardwood Classic episodes. Leave it off the championship DVD. No, thank you.

42 percent shooting (and .143 from three) for the Heat, and sub-40 percent shooting (.211 from three) for the Mavs. An 8/9/7 line, with as many missed shots as points, for LeBron James. 10 combined minutes for Brian Cardinal and Juwan Howard. It was ugly, but it was fun.

Dwyane Wade was great (32 points on 13-20 shooting), Dirk Nowitzki was his typical awesome self in the fourth (10 points in the quarter), and Jason Terry actually did something. Might not have been the prettiest game, but with Dwyane and Dirk trading clutch shots in the fourth, it put some giggles in your brain. I’ll take it.

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  1. Even tough he had a rough game yesterday night, could Nowitzki be considered as a finals MVP even if the mavs lose eventually? It’s hard to place him in front of Wade but he should get some consideration…

  2. Everyone who had DeShawn Stevenson outscoring LeBron last night, raise your hand.

    Put your hand down, DeShawn.

  3. Mark — Can’t see that happening, but I do think you make a good point.

    SMK — I am laughing so much right now.

  4. @markmai86: I don’t think Dirk can be the MVP is Heat win. But he can be if Mavs win!!

  5. I gotta disagree that it was a game you’d never want to see again. The way these two teams went back and forth never leading by very much all game was really entertaining. Nowitzki jump-starting his team, puts up 21 and 11, going 9 of 10 from the line, then hits the game winning layup as Van Gundy slams him, all with the flu. Deshawn Stevenson stepping up, backing up his talk, keeping the Mavs in it early with 3 huge threes. Barea’s acrobatic layups. Wade playing like the third greatest shooting guard ever with huge blocks, dunks, and hustle. Lebron doing all the small things but none of the big. Terry starting to find his groove again. All the while the Dallas fans tense, yet confident that their team can win right from the tip. It’s a joy watching two extremely well-coached, fundamentally sound, skilled, veteran teams going at it. How many more storylines do you want?

  6. Yes, I agree with mo fat! Please find the replay of Barea’s sick reverse layup. that was one of the biggest plays of the game

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