Dallas Mavericks 86, Miami Heat 83
To paraphrase David Foster Wallace, this was an entertaining game I never want to see again. No replays. No Hardwood Classic episodes. Leave it off the championship DVD. No, thank you.

42 percent shooting (and .143 from three) for the Heat, and sub-40 percent shooting (.211 from three) for the Mavs. An 8/9/7 line, with as many missed shots as points, for LeBron James. 10 combined minutes for Brian Cardinal and Juwan Howard. It was ugly, but it was fun.

Dwyane Wade was great (32 points on 13-20 shooting), Dirk Nowitzki was his typical awesome self in the fourth (10 points in the quarter), and Jason Terry actually did something. Might not have been the prettiest game, but with Dwyane and Dirk trading clutch shots in the fourth, it put some giggles in your brain. I’ll take it.