“Top 5 worst hairlines in the NBA – #1 RIp Hamilton (my dude) #2 Michael Redd – #3 Jason Terry – #4 Lebron – #5 Jermaine O Neal”Amir Johnson, who has an immaculate hairline

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  1. Please tell me Amir said this and it’s not just “Trey being Trey.”

  2. There’s a link to Amir’s FB page…

  3. Always fascinating to watch a projected high pick fall to the later rounds. Deron Williams is lonely in the green room.

  4. This is really Amir. I’d have ranked LeBron No. 1.

  5. no joel anthony? he is bad hairlines all-star in my book!

  6. uhh, joel anthony? or does his lack of any formal hairline keep him out of any such hairline contests?

  7. I shave it every day, son, and the young bucks can’t f**k with my game.

  8. Kobe gettin there too…

  9. What is the difference?? There hair all looks the same.

  10. Is this serious? There are guys with way worse hairlines in the league.

  11. I’m kinda glad Amir left me out of this…

  12. My 15 year old brother and law refers to JO’Neal as Black Matt Damon. That is all.

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