You might be thinking that DeShawn Stevenson saying one anti-Heat thing is enough for one day, but you are so wrong. The wrongest. If you were a game show, you would be “The Price Is Wrong” and you would say that quote from “Happy Gilmore” all the time. You only turn left, because that’s the opposite of right, which is exactly what you are.

This is DeShawn Stevenson we’re talking about here. And he’s playing against LeBron James, so you know he’s going to keep talking. From the AP:

Stevenson says the Heat forward “checked out” in the final minutes of Game 4 on Tuesday night, when James was held to eight points – the lowest he managed in 90 career playoff games. [...]

After Dallas practiced Wednesday, Stevenson was saying that the Heat are still getting to know each other, that James wasn’t himself in Game 4 and that the two-time MVP is “talented enough that he can use anything in the paper to kind of boost his ego.”

Nice work, yet again, from DeShawn Stevenson, who was able to work a “checked out” and a shot at LeBron’s ego in to a single media availability. It’s quite possible this is the most efficient DeShawn Stevenson has been in his entire career. His ZER (zing efficiency rating) in the Finals has been off the charts. In fact, it’s nearly approaching his FTQ (face tattoo quotient) for the first time since he got Abe Lincoln on his neck. These are important statistics.

Of course, LeBron’s not going to let this bother him, because it is DeShawn Stevenson. From the New York Daily News:

When informed of Stevenson’s comments, James said: “DeShawn, he’s been talking for a long time, since out of the Washington-Cleveland days. I don’t let that get to us. Those guys are playing well. We’re playing well. It’s a three-game series.

“Talk is cheap. You have to play the game. Let the scores and the plays define the game. We don’t get caught up in that too much.”

LeBron is being so diplomatic here, like a regular Freekey Zekey. Just like in their Washington/Cleveland “feuds,” he’s refusing to respond which really drives me nuts when I wish he’d just say, “You’re DeShawn Stevenson and my team always beats yours in the playoffs.” LeBron’s probably doing the right thing, but it’s also the less fun thing.

Unfortunately, DeShawn actually back-pedaled a little this time, saying he didn’t mean LeBron checked out in a bad way. From NBC:

“When I said ‘checked out’ I didn’t mean anything negative,” Stevenson said. “I just think when you have players like Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh you tend, when they have it going, to defer.”

Dang it, DeShawn. Don’t back down now. Your whole career has been building to this moment, when you could trash talk LeBron James on the NBA’s biggest stage. Toning things down and making sense isn’t going to get you in his head. Stay strong. Do it for the kids. Whatever it’s going to take to make you keep talking smack about the Heat, do it.

This is your time, DeShawn. As TBJ commenter Nate points out, you have the chance to become the NBA’s most famous trash talker who averages less than eight points a game for his career. That’s quite an honor. This rivalry that isn’t really a rivalry is your opportunity to make a haphazardly capitalized name for yourself.

Keep talking, man. Otherwise, what’s the point of DeShawn Stevenson?