Every person on Earth with an Internet connection has written something about LeBron James in the past two days. Literally everyone, and that is not an exaggeration because I don’t even know what “hyperbole” means. That’s a lot of articles, and LeBron has read every single one and he very much appreciates them.

From NBA.com:

James said he tried to escape the furor over his Game 4 performance, the eight points (which included none in the fourth quarter) going down as his worst playoff showing to date, by going to dinner. But that didn’t work. Channel surfing in his hotel room proved fruitless, as well. So he turned to the Internet, where he said he caught up on some reading about his own trials and tribulations from those of us charged with documenting his every move during these days.

“You just try to stay up and watch TV, and there is never anything on TV,” James said of the ways in which you try to escape from the moment. “Get on the Internet and read you guys’ columns. Those are fun. I’ve seen a lot of them. They’re pretty good. Appreciate it.”

See? He’s no Nate McMillan. LeBron’s reading what you write, and when you consider he keeps an enemies list, you have to assume that that list is growing faster than a kissing web at a small college. Be careful.

And since this is an Internet column about LeBron, I guess it’s safe to assume he’s reading this too.

Hey, LeBron. Great job in that State Farm commercial. Good luck on your Finals.