Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks
I’m not saying LeBron James should be compared to Michael Jordan, I’m just saying that if DeShawn Stevenson was talking about the 1990′s Chicago Bulls, you could expect at least 40 from MJ. Just sayin’.

Gilbert Arenas’ Very Bad Blind Date
Believe it or not, tweeting while on your first date isn’t a great idea.

Just Ced — “Monster (Taco Bell remix)”
I think we can all say that we’ve wanted to rewrite rap songs with lyrics praising Taco Bell’s food, but this guy actually did it. His Nicki Minaj verse is particularly choice.

The Jaguar Test Drive Experience
When you’re behind the wheel of the world’s finest automobile, 150 mph feels like nothing. When you’re in the passenger seat, it’s a different story.

Katey Red — “Where the Melph At?”
If you guys have seen the melph, whatever that is, let Katey Red know. She (I think?) is too busy driving around town with people booty popping everywhere to find the melph, so lend her a hand.