I like to imagine that Shawn Marion was waiting for the perfect time to insult LeBron James, biding his time until the most opportune moment to unleash an epithet so fierce that it would shake LeBron to his core.

Then this happens and Shawn Marion thinks to himself, “Gotcha.”

(via IamaGM)

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  1. Dang… them are fighting words! Cat fight… and GO!

  2. How appropriate. You fight like a cow!

  3. I’m pretty sure he said “Swish” because he missed the part where he unintentionally banked it in.

  4. my question is why isnt he being fined $50k+ for offending the public? maybe the NBA should start an add campaign to stamp out Shawn’s potty mouth.

  5. That was a nice crossover but how many steps did he take?

  6. Good thing he didn’t say a gay slur, those are offensive!

  7. No wonder Lebron disappeared. Got him

  8. I lol’d when I first saw this live. Good times

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