On today’s show, Skeets and Tas breakdown Thursday night’s Game 5 of the 2011 NBA Finals. Topics include: the Mavericks’ hot three-point shooting, why LeBron continues to be so damn passive, Bosh’s good line/shit final few minutes, Dallas’ three key defensive plays, whether Coach Spoelstra needs to start Chalmers over Bibby, destiny, and if the Heat can come back to win this thing. What do you think? Weigh in below, friends.

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Comments (10)

  1. No mention of the Brian Cardinal/Juwan Howard “fight”?

  2. @Ben that little episode was awesome, J Howard is such a grumpy old man.

    It blows my mind how Dallas can completely shut down James with double teams but Miami can’t find a way to contain Dirk. Seems like the Mavs just move the ball so well compared to Miami…

  3. i agree with the headline.. everyone just hates on the heat instead of crediting dallas for how good they really are

  4. Is someone holding the camcorder the ENTIRE time? It keeps moving.

  5. Mavs pick and roll defense last night was pretty bad during that Heat run in the 4th. I think they’ll need to improve on that to win one of these games.

  6. Why is Wade cocky for doing the jet thing after hitting a shot and why isn’t Terry criticized for “celebrating” with the jet thing after hitting shots?

  7. This Heat offense is really starting to get frustrating.

  8. You really have to ask Jeff? the jet is terry’s celebration, i’ve never been a fan of it because i think it’s kinda corny but it’s his own thing. it’s not something Wade ever does so when he did do it he was mocking him and being cocky.

    (i’ve said the word “cocky” too many times in my head and now i’m wondering if it’s even a real word lol)

  9. I boldly picked the Mavs in six before game 1 amongst my peers. With the way the Mavs have been playing defense and hitting the three in the western conference i just didn’t think anyone could beat them four times in a series. I still think the Mavs have the odds to win game six.

  10. Charles: camcorder? Its a new millennium, dude. And yes.

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