Never let it be said that Jason Terry doesn’t have balls of steel. From the Dallas Morning News:

Q. Jason, can you take us through that deep three that put you up seven late, shot clock running down. Describe that play for us.

JASON TERRY: Preparation for me. It’s something I do at the end of my workouts. Get into a good rhythm. Rhythm dribble. If there’s space, I’m going to let it fly. The clock was winding down. It’s just like being out there on the playground back home in Seattle. Emulating your idols in The Finals situation, game on the line. Raise up, knock it down.

Q. Would you have taken it with more time on the clock?

JASON TERRY: I definitely would have. (Laughter). Dirk don’t want to hear that. I may have in that situation. I really wanted the ball in that situation. Jason Kidd got it to me and I was in rhythm.

Just a 26-footer with 30 seconds remaining in an NBA Finals game over a taller defender who’s been named to the All-Defensive first team the past three seasons — no big deal. Part of Jason Terry’s workout, so yeah, of course he’s going to shoot it. What do you expect? Him to not shoot it and then not act like an aeroplane? Come on.