Remember when Dirk Nowitzki had a fever in Game 4 and the only prescription was more basketball? Dwyane Wade and LeBron James do, which is why they were caught on camera “mocking” the Mavs superstar, hoping to catch a little bit of that magic that instantly makes a sick guy in a Finals game the best player ever.

Either that or they really were sick with a horrible illness that makes you cough in to your shirt while wearing a flat-brimmed hat. I hear that’s been going around. Such a terrible disease.

(via Mavs Moneyball)

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  1. Nice, another nonstory. I wonder what they ate for breakfast. Let’s be more obsessed with them than we already are.

  2. The real non-story is that “sickness”. If you’re able to stand, run and shoot for two and a half hours, you’re not sick. Period.

  3. Definitely a non-story. Definitely hilarious.

  4. These 2 clowns are annoying

  5. Barachat: He had a 101-102 degree fever. I’m pretty sure that’s somewhere in the definition of sick.

  6. zoo: Have you ever had a 102 degree fever? Because when you do, you have the shivers, your coordination is shot. So yeah, Dirk was sick but that triple digit fever was just an added detail to make the story better. He wouldn’t have been able to play if his fever was at temperature.

  7. He might have had a 102 fever that morning, but after the boat load of antibiotics kicked in his was obviously fine. A little off, but fine.

  8. Karma is a bi@*ch!

    Dirk missed a FT. Proof, he was definitely sick.

  9. I hope I can mock them standing “sick” when they do not win one of the next two games.
    I picked Heat in 6. I suck.

  10. haha flegman said it right….karma is a bi@*ch seeing as how wades knee was messed up that game and lebron played like a geezer

  11. Marcuspokus: So then are we going to discount the Flu Game, too? You could also say that when someone has a stomach virus, they’re very weak and can’t run or jump, yet MJ did both of those things?

  12. In the words of the philosoper, “You stay classy, Miami”.

  13. (mutters to mic) Retarded…

  14. Wow, these guys are embarrassing themselves. Absolutely classless. Dallas should come back with a “My hip, my hip!” video.

  15. Is LeBron coughing… or is he choking? ZING!

  16. Paul LOL yes they should.

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