Dallas Mavericks 112, Miami Heat 103
It is kind of amazing that the most entertaining and best-played game of the series doubles as the largest margin of victory, but that’s how close this thing is. Dirk very quietly scored 29 points on 18 shots, but he finally got the help he’s needed, mostly in the form of Jason Terry’s 21 points, eight of which came in the final four minutes of the game.

56 percent shooting for the Mavericks, including 68 percent from three, making it very weird to see the Heat struggling on defense. Dallas made 13 threes last night, and that’s only the fifth time in 102 games that the Heat have given up that many from long range. The Mavs moved the ball like crazy, but they also hit some bananahands kind of shots that had no business going in. Sometimes, it’s just your night, and sometimes that happens to be in the pivotal game of the NBA Finals.

Oh yeah, LeBron James had a triple-double, but that seems kind of inconsequential now.

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  1. This entire game was filled with shots that had no right going in.

  2. That guy looks like Trey and Matt’s baby. Please tell me it isn’t so.

  3. The most disappointing thing last night was LeBron getting that garbage time layup

    If he went scoreless in the 4th quarter two games in a row, Skip Bayless might have had a heart attack

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