ASPEN, CO – Busted for public urination once, piss on you; busted for public urination twice, piss on Glen.

Less than 24 hours after Oklahoma City Thunder guard Nate Robinson was caught urinating outside a bookstore in a New York City suburb, the three-time NBA slam-dunk champ was busted again Saturday for relieving himself in public.

Colorado police say an officer spotted Robinson, and former Boston Celtics teammate Glen “Big Baby” Davis, driving a motorized mini-scooter just outside of Aspen Saturday evening.

When the two were pulled over for erratic driving, Robinson was caught urinating on the back of Davis (click for police footage), who was operating the vehicle at the time of the offense.

Authorities told reporters that Robinson was taken to police headquarters, issued a summons and ordered to show up in court June 28. The offense normally carries a $50 fine … and some dry-cleaning expenses.

Robinson posted a message on Twitter on Sunday saying he made a “silly mistake,” but that Davis had told him to “just go, man.” He promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Thunder spokesman Brian Facchini says the team is aware of what happened — again — and that the organization is looking into acquiring Robinson his own pocket pee-bag.

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  1. leave the man alone

  2. He pissed ON Glen Davis. Why/how is that ever necessary!
    The Harry and Lloyd link is a classic though. Baby and Nate on a scooter would make an amazing film.

  3. After watching the clip I now get this post. And look like an idiot. Sweet.

  4. Coming Next Summer:

    Nate tries to show of his serious side,
    From the people that brought you the Gilbert Arenas trade to Orlando

    Poo in the shoe – Part II

    Featuring Thabo as “Judge Neutral”

    How is it only a 50 buck fine?
    And is it more in NY for Robinson cause he used to play for them?

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