Can’t blame him for this one.

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  1. I wonder how assholes will respond to this. Oh, I know. With haha’s. Like assholes respond to everything.

  2. hhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  3. Al wasn’t being ironic. I just nailed it.

  4. He’s kinda like a black Dick Vermeil.

    So what, dude cried. He’s never played on the big stage before, maybe he realized that he doesn’t have what it takes to be an elite championship caliber player.

    You spend your whole life thinking you’re one of the greatest, get slapped with cold harsh reality… might make you cry too…

  5. I knew I could count on you to post this.

  6. This is a classless post. It proves nothing and just re-enforces a false stereotype of Bosh as a “soft” player when clearly he is a hard-working, efficient, articulate and honest person. I expect more from TBJ, your standards should be better; especially since Holly personally knows Bosh personally from her time as a Raptors reporter.

    Celebrate Dallas’ win. Don’t focus on the Heat.

  7. You just can’t hate Bosh after this game. He came from the crappy Raptors team (I’m from Toronto, I know how bad they tried to surround him with “talent”), wanted to win and went all the way to the finals. He played well this game, tried hard, and was so close. Big props to Bosh, he really cared about winning.

  8. Okay.. you lost the tough series. I understand how anybody can break down. But in front of a camera? really chris? you already have this “soft” labeled on you and you pretty much.. showed the world yet again..

  9. Yeah Bosh could’ve teared up a bit or done the whole towel over head thing. Doesn’t help his image. But the 3 of them are still great players. Hopefully this is a dose of humility that you really need a team and not individuals to win a championship

  10. Oh man that’s messed up, this kinda makes me see bosh in a better light but i still gotta say.

    Brandon you REAL MAD! trolololololol

  11. At least he is showing some damn emotion he seemed like the only human out of the big three. He had class the whole serious and yeah he should have been more involved maybe they would have had a chance I’m a Mavs Fan. I’m tired of athletes having to be cold blooded murderers to get any respect.

  12. Bosh played his ass off all playoffs.
    Better team won.
    It’s unfortunate he couldn’t keep together until the locker room
    Most Raps’ fans know he wears his heart on his sleeve in these situations.
    The kid works hard and hates losing – a virtue Toronto fans always praised him for.
    I’m not going to shit on him for that.

    Hey, if the TBJ crew lost their jobs, I’m sure they’d be crying too haha!

  13. I give props to bosh for putting up a solid game and overall solid series, sure he didn’t gaurd very well but thats never been his strong suit. He basically was a solid 3rd option, not spectacular but solid.

    Also im cool with him crying like this, I perfer that emotional reaction along with wades pissed off face, over the passive meh expersion Lebron had most of the game.

  14. Jason Terry said in a recent interview he was crying after the 2006 loss. Ok it might have happened in the locker room but what’s the difference ?

    They put so much in it that it does not surprise me they kind of fall apart if they fail. Never seen someone crying after failing an important exam ? Imagine that times 10…

    Anyway like John A. Macdonald said above, lets focus on Dallas’ win, it’s much more of a feel good story, no ? :-)

  15. I completely agree with some of the previous posters, Bosh has become the only one of the big 3 that’s in any way likable. Sure he doesn’t always have monster games, but unlike Lebron or D-Wade I would never say he doesn’t seem to have his heart in it.



  18. Big props to Bosh and Wade for their effort. And to Chaumers and Miller and all of the other guys to played their heart out. Lebron James is the weakest link and they need to trade him back to Cleveland. He is bad for this team. He is the only one who did not carry his weight and he failed them miserably. If it weren’t for him, they may have won.

  19. Oh stfu Brandon, as if I’m gonna feel bad for someone getting paid millions of dollars to play a fucking child’s game just because he lost.


  20. The best part is damphir is the one rubbing his back, whispering sweet nothings in his ear to calm him down.

    Poor damp! He lost in 2006 AND 2011. HE’S THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE CRYING!

    But maybe he likes animals…. like ostrich ?

  21. at least he did care about the loss/fail.
    lebum did not, he only cared about his ego and self-proclaimed-king status.

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