After the Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA Championship, they were classy. Collected. Cool.

Mark Cuban, he of the tight, tiny tees and loud, exclamatory outbursts was almost subdued. Smiling sweetly, deferring in spotlight to others while he celebrated with his team. Dirk Nowitzki was Dirk, thorough, thoughtful and thankful. Jason Terry was joyous and Shawn Marion wore a knowing smile. Winning on the road, they were on top of the world and they managed to accept their prize with the poise of team that had been there before and a grace that many would comment on.

Except for DeShawn Stevenson.

When DeShawn’s on your squad, he will flip that script so fast your head will spin. Stevenson posed giddily for photos wearing a T-shirt that was everything the Mavs themselves were careful to not be.

“Tell me how my Dirk taste.”

OK, then. A throwback to Shaquille O’Neal’s “Tell me how my ass tastes,” Stevenson reminds us all of his crazy with this one. Yes, he’s got the crack on his forehead to serve as a reminder that he won’t crack (because that makes total sense), he’s got Abe Lincoln on his neck and he’ll engage LeBron James in trash talk without thinking twice, but this? Wow, DeShawn.

If we’re being honest, there’s nothing surprising about this. It’s classic Stevenson. It’s also such a juxtaposition from the image the rest of his team had put forth throughout the playoffs. He gets some points from me for not adding the ever-increasingly-present “pause” after his statement, and also for reminding us that even without an active Shaquille O’Neal in the NBA, the mark he’s made on the league will remain everlasting.

And, really? I can’t hate on him. After coming out on the losing end of battles with LeBron James and the Cavaliers when he was with the Wizards, after having Jay-Z rip him in a verse, he has a ring before James and, most importantly here, he was there for his team when they needed him. From the shove against Udonis Haslem to up the intensity, to the three-pointers and the defense, there wasn’t any shrinking going on from Stevenson.

For that, he’s allowed to choose how he wanted to shine in his moment. Even if he chooses to substitute class for crass.

(photos via TMZ and Earl K. Sneed)

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  1. Godspeed DeShawn Stevenson, godspeed.

  2. Is “Dirk” the substitute for what I think it is lol…

  3. Every team needs a crazy guy.

  4. I don’t think you can credit Shaq for this one. The phrase “How’s my dick taste” predates Shaq by quite a bit. And make no mistake, the shirt clearly says in the photo you’ve posted, “How’s my Dirk taste,” not “Tell me how my Dirk tastes,” like you quoted it as.

  5. Big-ups to DeShawn on this. He gives credit to the person who got him his ring but he did have his imprint on the championship game with the shove to Haslem. He made a couple of key 3′s. He didn’t necessarily piggyback on this championship, but he was at the right team at the right time and was able to contribute. Can’t say the same for LeBron.

  6. More double standard blindness by biased bandwagon mav (or should I say anti heat fans)

    1) This is classless; if it was done on the heat the media would have frenzy

    2) Lebron goes to Miami to win a championship, takes a pay cut and is thought of as arrogant, but Terry gets a trophy tattoo and that’s ok.

    3) The media absolutely hammers lebron during the entire finals, it’s pretty insulting and unfair to do to a person, they he responds out of rashness and is crucified even more.

    4) Jason Kidd can beat his wife, Lebron is a family man but is the bad guy?

    5) How about all the Lakers fans rooting against Lebron, Kobe is a rapist, and the Lakers have poached more players from teams than any team out there.

    6) I promise Lebron will have more rings in the end and be remembered more than this thug whose face is covered in tattoos. Cya next year.

    7) Keep in mind the big three helped win Team USA gold medal in the Olympics and the FIBA championship, and played with a lot of pride for the first time for the national team that was seen in a while

  7. Ryan S. obviously a heats fan in pain and jealous of others’ success

  8. Wow, Ryan Shit, talk about a dumbass drooling fanboy. I’d bet money the Heat aint even gonna make it to the finals next year. The Bulls will thrash them in the ECF because they’ff finally get an upgrade over Bogans and Dwuss and Lebum won’t be able to fluke in those fadeaway jumpers all series. Haha, I bet Ryan Stupid was one of the guys who said “Heat in five, book it.”

    Yeah, comparing Terry’s tat to Lebron’s f-ing lightshow and tv appearance works. btw, I heard the most difficult tat to get rid of is C-H-O-S-E-N.

    Lebrick’s gonna have more rings? Yeah, the guy who was outplayed by 33 year old Shawn Marion and 38 year old Jason Kidd… Hmm, he might be able to play off the coatails of Bosh and Wade though. fitting fate for the King without any zing.

    P.S. Jason Kidd may not be the best family man, but you do know about how f-ed up Lebron’s crazy mom is (sleeping with a schizo and teammate. classy) and how Lebron has cheated several times, right? Do your research, Ryan Sucker…

  9. Wow Ryan S. I’m a Laker’s fan and was upset when they lost to the Mavs, but I made no excuses. The Lakers got beat down. There’s no need to diss a team for winning. The Mavs took the Lakers and Heat fair and square. Just accept the defeat and move on with dignity. Stop making excuses!!

  10. Jason Terry- 1 Ring.

    Lebron- 0.

  11. Wow. As a Maverick fan, I thought this was stupid. Im proud of my team for winning. But Cmon, stevenson, You call the heat classless, and your the one acting like it. quit acting like a moron. Quit talking shit, Im afraid if he talks shit to a person like kobe or durant next year that they will kill us. #getHimamuzzle

  12. DeShawn what a joke. SO sick of band wagon lebron haters. You guys are jokes

  13. Why do you guys insist on hating me?
    Move forward with your lives as I will with mine.

  14. Calm down, people. The rule: “one head case on a team isn’t bad”. This is Stevenson, it’s what he does, who cares? It’s not like Cuban wouldn’t have done similar things to this in 2006…

    Oh yeah, and Ryan, you’re probably a little too pissed. And yeah, LeBron sucked in these Finals, that’s why he gets smashed…

  15. Waaaaaaahhhhhh waaa
    aaaaaaahhhhhhh stop making fun of Lebron….waaaahhhh your so mean… Waaaaahhhhhh your ruining my life cus I cant stand to see a.millionair baby get shit for sucking when has needed the most….waaaaahhh all you bandwagon Lebron haters should stop talking shit about all of us bandwagon Heat fans… Suck it up you fuc&ing babies your backing a immature spoiled prima donna your team is going to implode sometime next sea$on wen Wade cant deal deal with Lebron anymore and Bosh is just overrated…change your diaper and deal with the fact that the grass aint always greener… Bitches

  16. The T is funny but quite classless.

    Really happy that Dirk finally has a ring and will forever be know as a champion. He is a classy guy & totally deserved this success.
    I am also glad that they beat the Miami Wades to win the championship.

    And Ryan S, your an idiot. LeBron is a coward who ran away to hide behind the skirt of Wade & hopefully win a ring while riding his cotails. Unfortunately for Bron, his master plan failed.

    Its a shame really. The kid has the physical gifts to be the best ever. However he has the mental toughness of an infant which is why he will win nothing as the main man and will have to rely on others to carry him in the forth quarter.

    Everyone is talking off how the heat have time. People forget that Wade is a slasher who takes a lot of punishment over the season and its only a matter of time till he starts slowing down (I’d give him 2-3 more years at the top of his game). Once that happens the Heats will have 4 years with a sub par Wade blocking half their salary cap.

  17. Did anybody else feel Ryan’s comment screamed of the “leave Brittany alone!” video? Haha leave lebron alone!!! Whaaaa!!! Fucking sore loser.

  18. Upon reading Ryan’s comment I had to laugh initially, then I realized that it was too sad to laugh about it.

    1) His first point is the only one I could agree with

    2) Here it starts: Why does he compare Lebron, supposedly the Heat’s star player, to Dallas’ role players? Dirk stuck with his team and took a paycut as the only star player of his team, thus enabling the Mavs GM to sign quality role players. Btw: Terry got his share of zings for his tattoo

    3) He played like he didn’t belong there and did not even realize how crappy his play was. Dirk on the other hand made constant adjustments, e.g. the increased number of layups or layup attempts as his defenders began to close in on him more.

    4) This is not about a player’s personal life. Not even one thing was mentioned about it. Lebron messed up a lot of basketball-related stuff (off court with the decision, on court with his finals-play). And he put himself in this position. If you want to celebrate your chamionship before the season it is to expect that you will get critized for this. Furthermore the NBA cultivates black-white images (not race-related) and Lebron chose the dark side. And again: Dirk has once more the better position in the argument about personal stuff, too.

    5) WTF?!

    6) Just accept the man having a little fun on Lebron after this triumph. this T is – given stevenson’s personality – the logical consequence of the skirmishes between the two.

    7) Again: WTF? First of all: They may have helped team USA win the medal in ’08, but Kobe LED that team. Talking about pride? Where were the Big three during the World Championship in ’10? Oh yeah, they preferred to celebrate their championship with the Heat, while durant and rose led the team to gold. When they were with the team in ’06 they got dumped by Greece in the semi-finals. Get your facts straight.

    Actually, I’m quite mad now that I spent time writing this long response to such a dumb comment, but this had to be said.

  19. Yeah, Jason Kidd seems like a fundamentally bad person. Though I don’t agree about people saying LeBron is mentally weak. Performing all the way through the playoffs requires a ridiculous amount of mental strength. I mean the pressure is just insane, it’s like people lose sight of that.

  20. So this you can defend, even shoving Udonis Haslem, but ANYTHING LeBron says or does makes LeBron an arrogant jerk? I really hope that all of you haters calm down next season, because it’s gonna go from annoying to pathetic.

  21. deshawn isn’t a bandwagon lebron hater…hes hated lebron sense the cavs -wizard series years ago. its a little childish but hes keepin it real.

  22. Am I the only one that wants one of these shirts? It’s funny, right?……..

  23. To Ryan S. and all heat fans: this coming from a SPURS fan so i am completely unbias, its not that everybody hopped on the mavs bandwagon or hate the heat or Lebron, its just that most of the ppl that watch basketball and actually have some BBall knowledge see shit for what it really is and saw the writing on the wall and knew the heats days were numbered:
    A – The heat acted like they won it all Preseason when they signed BOSH and LBJ
    B – The heat have no bench; bibby, miller, house, chalmers and joel anthony, haslem, juwan howard arent goin to cut the mustard, c’mon yall have 1 actual center… ilgauskas or dampier cant get no PT?
    C – Lebron and Bosh need to take notes from the Lakers and Spurs and play championship Defense, both of them had good starting 5, good bench, but excellent Defense when it mattered.
    Lebron closed out the celtics and the bulls but then didnt show up in the 4th quarters all finals, not because he couldnt make a shot but because the mavs knew they couldnt have Lebron and Dwade goin hard in the paint and goin to the foul line, example gm 3, the mavs simply played championship D and the heat didnt, Lebron couldnt play his game cuz there were two 7 footers gettin in his way, cloggin the paint, they said we will live with LBJ and Dwade shooting jumpshots and 3′s as well as the rest of the heat, because if u know BBall, u can make shots all 3 quarters, but what really matters is making shots when it matters in clutch time, the mavs did that and the heat didnt, that is why the heat lost and the mavs won…

  24. To Mr. LeBron is Not Clutch

    The only thing on which I’ll disagree with you is that you seem to think that Udonis Haslem is a crappy player. Watch the 2006 NBA Finals again. The guy ordinarily has a +50% midrange jumper, and he’s a hell of a defender. This time around, he just came off of an injury that he sustained in November, so aside from not being even close to 100%, he pretty much played cold. That notwithstanding, I can agree with most everything else.

    That being said, what’s your point? The Heat hate has gone to extremes, where they’re being pissed on for relatively minor grievances. A man who pretends to be an airplane after he hits a shot accused the Heat of celebrating early. A man who trash talks the Heat constantly, instigates fights, and is just a boorish figure calls the Heat classless. Did the Heat say and do stupid things? Absolutely? But none of the things they did are nearly as bad as MANY of the things other players have done over the last couple of years. It’s turned into a feeding frenzy where nobody thins, they just hate. Kevin Garnett punches a dude in the nuts and calls another a cancer patient, and he’s credited for being intense. Any anger towards him faded after a week. LeBron does… hell, if he does ANYTHING,it adds fuel to a fire that the national media loves fanning.

    Whatever. The better team won, I’m not in denial. But the Heat hate… seriously people. Move on.

  25. That Jason Kidd thing is completely different to anything LeChoke did. That’s a temporary insanity thing. Could happen to anyone in the right circumstances. For all we know his wife totally deserved it. And yes, a woman can deserve it just as much as a dude can. The fact that she refused to press charges suggests she knew she deserved it.

    What LeChoke did was planned. He planned and executed a total FUCK YOU to the entire state of Ohio, New York, Chicago, New Jersey and everyone else that he led along like a whore for months.

    The parade I don’t blame him for. That’s the piece of shit Miami Heats fault.

  26. Sure there are a lot of players out there that have done things or acted at times, in worse ways then LBJ. James, though i don’t know him personally, but I’m sure is not as bad of a person as the rest of the world makes him out to be… heck, keeping his friends around, supporting them.. he does have loyalty regardless of what Cleveland has to say… that’s not the point…

    You can’t blame people and media to hate him after putting his life / basketball career under a microscope. Hell I bet if we took a microscope to lives of anyone here we would find so much dirt on them they’d be hung out to dry in no time. The thing is though,, LBJ wanted the microscope… he wanted the fame, he wanted the giant spot light, the smoke, the camera… the whole nine yards. He pretty much said to the entire world “hey look at me, i’m the chosen one, i am the king! WITNESS ME!!!!!” Making such bold claims and then producing nothing but disappointment throughout his career (in terms of rings… and Finals play)…. what else would you expect but to see the majority (no proof, just speculation) of the nba fanbase to react? Don’t tell me you wont laugh if someone is out there going “look at me look at me” and then falls and eats s#!+ .. you’d be giggling your arse off…

    I don’t deny his talent, skills, and potential on the court… I don’t think anyone can deny that… He chocked.. that happens to the best of them… Heck.. Dirk did so back in 06… as did Gasol… Kobe…. Isiah,… Magic….. I can go on forever… all the stars have…. what they didn’t do is talk about the their critics and how pretty much they have no life… they don’t make much money and have to go back to their horrid lives and daily jobs….

  27. LeBron and his Heat teammates were a bunch of whiners, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their fans (eg. Ryan S) are whiners, too. They often complain about being regarded as villains but truth is, they brought this upon themselves. All the lavish partying and celebrating in the preseason…don’t count yer chickens before they’re hatched. I know that Steve’s tee might’ve crossed the line, but how is this different from Wade and ‘Bron mocking Dirk’s illness before Game 5′s shootaround? Oh, and btw LeBron wasn’t throwing any coughs there, those were actually chokes…

    And yeah. The Mavs took their talents to South Beach. But they happened to bring home a trophy with them, too.

  28. He doesn’t need class. That t-shirt is hilarious and plenty of people will support him since Lebron and Bosh had no class in their collusion and the Heat had no class in the way they played.

    And “How’s my dick taste?” is what this phrase is being derived from, not Shaq. Shaq has not and will never influence popular culture.

  29. @Ryan S.
    1. I agree

    2. Does it help that although yeah he took a pay cut he’s playing with one of the best guards in the game and another decent forward

    3.Well given certain circumstances wouldnt he be the spotlight of the finals although dare i say it he is the greatest player without a ring

    4.Although domestic violence is a crime why was there a need to mention that at all isnt this about basketball not about the character and morals of the player (with the exception of Stevenson since he was the topic of the article)

    5. Like Kobe Bryant is the only athlete in professional sports or shall we go to Udonis Haslem’s marijuana charges? Ray Lewis’ murder? Donte Stallworth’s hit and run?

    6. LeBron will be remembered longer than Stevenson but Stevenson’s name is in the record books before LeBron’s and like the first 8 years of his career were full of

    7. Yeah they HELPED they didnt carry the U.S. to victories and I believe the U.S. still could have won with players such as Kobe, CP3, Dwight, Durant, Kidd, Staudemire, Pierce, and many others.

  30. Lebron James wants to calm the heat now that the heat loss after him talkin all that mess he was talkin about how sure was goin to beat the heat now that he say they loss an they heated his ass all right the Mavs.

  31. Was great to see the Heat lose, on the biggest stage no less. This T-Shirt is tasteless, but it’s not like the Heat are full of class either. You had them proclaiming they had already 7 titles in the bag even before the first game of the season started, whilst parading around like some sort of cheesy Japanese game show.

    And then they mock Dirk with their fake coughs…and in true Lebron form he only does it because Wade did it first. But according to them, it was a ‘real’ cough. Please. At least when Dirk coughs he doesn’t choke!

    Maybe Dirk should of hobbled around grabbing his hip pretending to be in pain. And Dirk had an injured finger too right? Perhaps he should of sat out and gotten surgery like that pansy Lebron did a few seasons back.

    Point is, maybe the Lebron and Heat hate has gone excessive, but its not like its unwarranted. It’s hard too root for a team full of prima donna’s. Classic example in game 2 – Wade has last second shot to win it, waits to see if it goes in, it misses, then holds his head and looks at the ref pleading and expecting for a foul (which wasn’t there at all). To me that right there is in a nutshell why people dislike the Heat…they want to credit when they win, but deflect blame when they lose.

  32. Hey fuc**Ng Stevenson, youre nothing in Dallas black a$$… fucI< your mom baby boy!!!

  33. Ryan S is Lebron’s Boyfriend!hahahaha

  34. bottom line

    Lebron – 0
    Brian “The Custodian” Cardinal – 1

  35. I dont know what fat Shaq said but this sounds like the Andrei Arlovski meme from an interview with Ariel Helwani last year; “eh, Tim, how’s taste my pee-pee-pee?”

    It was MMA’s DUAN moment.

  36. Whoa, illmatic-1 completely nails it. I will always hear that dude from the “Leave Brittany Alone” forever when I hear a Heat fan whining – too frickin’ funny – Leave Lebron Alone

  37. As a player, LeBron is definitely not overrated, but does overspeak at times. Stevenson is outrageously flamboyant, but I’ll be damned if dude didn’t back it up when it counted most.

    Dallas – W
    Heat – L

  38. money or not Lebron still a loser in the N.B.A till his chance angain next year but I doubt it if he’s playin the Dallas Mavs.

  39. till his chance ha ha ha ha ha!

  40. First off who the hell is deshawn stevenson? This guy does a lot of talking for a guy who can’t even carry a team on his own will never be able to even if his life depended on it, he comes off the bench doesn’t start and has to make scenes to get noticed otherwise nobody would know who this guy is!!! Even though i’m a heat fan congrats to the mavs it was a good series

  41. hahahaha… DeShawn!!! This is Awesome… U say its tasteless, but I think its Awesome… You guys probably have no idea of how much Trash Pro’s talk to each other… And I remember deshawn and lebron battling it out, with lebron gettin the better end of the stick multiple times.. GO DESHAWN!! Now, come back and do it again King.. Get some..

    RYAN S… ur a dipshit…. The End..

  42. woo hoo redbron germs, look i pulled down my underwear, and i’m bent over with my asscrack spread, come over here and eat my @$$hole out along with your lil friend Lebron James. He can eat out DeShawn Stevenson’s @$$hole too while he’s at it.


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