On today’s show, Skeets and Tas congratulate Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks on winning their first NBA title. Topics include: The Dirkus Circus hurdling a scorer’s table at the buzzer, Jason Terry and that smokin’ Mavericks bench, two key turning points in Game 6, Shawn Marion’s unheralded play, Carlisle’s coaching decisions, LeBron’s piss-poor body language, sad Bosh, if Spoelstra will be back behind the Heat bench, why we need to chill a lil’ with Miami, missed free throws, Marc Anthony’s National Anthem, the skirmish, Steve Nash, and much, much more. And on behalf of the entire TBJ team, thanks for watching this season, guys.

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  1. Congratulations to the Mavs and all the Mavs fans.

    Thanks to them my love for basketball has grown even stronger. It’s not how much you get payed, its how well you played. Brian Cardinal having a huge impact on players like Wade and James. It’s still a TEAM sport.

    I love this game.

  2. The influence of Euros on this game has been hugely positive. The Mavs victory is the latest and greatest example.

    Just move the ball. That’s the way god intended.

  3. Congrats on another great season TBJ!

  4. Great season TBJ!

  5. best NBA season in ages, and I watched almost every video you guys made. JD : The mid playoff recap video was fucking fantastic!

    Great times! Cross fingers for no lockout!

  6. i would have appreciated more fashion-based commentary… or at least mention of cubes’ inability to wear a hat.

    either way, glad i started watching this show. i feel like smart as a mug when i talk about the nba now. ‘priciate cha TBJ

  7. http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/assets_c/2011/06/mistakead-thumb-500×863.jpg

    great season TBJ

    truly great

    hope to hear the overdose very soon

  8. Thanks for the great season TBJ. I’ll miss the fix, you’ll have to give us something to sustain us during the lock out. Winter is coming indeed.

  9. You guys forgot to mention Tyson Chandler’s influence on the Mavs this season. He has been phenomenal for them. Massive upgrade from Dampier

  10. LeBron had every right to leave last summer. and now, Northeast Ohio has every right to laugh at him. The Miami Heat fans don’t deserve the team they have. For 7 years we tried to find a “Scottie Pippen” to play next to LeBron in Cleveland. If we only knew then that LeBron IS scottie pippen…..without the bling.

    Great season fellas. always a job well done. looking forward to the offseason updates.

  11. Mahinmi finds the right girl to celebrate with in da club:


  12. Great stuff guys, as always. One thing I noticed from the press conferences last night was one very astute question that some guy posed to Lebron and Dwade–”What do you guys think about the perception that this represents a victory of the team over a group of individuals?” Just interesting because it IS being represented that way, consciously or no. I think it comes down to Spo’s offense, with the “your turn, my turn” isolation/pick n’ roll bullshit. I wouldn’t be sad to see him go–seems like there must be some way to better integrate those pieces–even though he is probably TOO unjustly maligned.

  13. Oh Skeets, you had me at the Scott Pilgrim reference!

    great season TBJ!

  14. Am I the only one who thought Dirk quickly left the court at the end of the game because he was trying to avoid shaking hands with LeBron and Wade?

  15. @Jeff: That was certainly my first impression when I saw him sprint off the court. That doesn’t seem to be the official explanation, but who knows?

  16. What if I don’t want to embrace the offseason? :(

    G-o-o-o-o-o-o-o labor negotiations! yay!

  17. Scott Pilgrim ftw. Shitty replica jerseys, get the Swingman at least. So is Monta 3rd best SG? Manu Ginobili, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans come damn close. Man upstairs, I thought LeBitch was talking about God. Tas = Karaoke King. Never heard it called 3-ball land. And why does Gaylord have a dildo in his default, does he pound butt?! And no quote, damn

  18. I would like you guys to still pick a matchup each evening to “bet” on, like you did before coming out on the Score.

    Other than that, keep up the fantastic job.

  19. Great show and great year TBJ staff!! You guys are awesome. Hope to see you guys covering basketball next season, pending the looming lockout. If not Tas Melas can do a show where he sings Brian McKnight all show long, while the the rest of the staff does the wave. Just something to think about.

    Winter is coming.

  20. if only LeBron cared for rebounds yesterday as much as he did when he was trying to get that 50pt triple double @ MSG

  21. thanks for the year TBJ!

  22. I knew mavs would win as soon as these two idiots picked the heat.

  23. First of all I don’t think losing a series when you’re two games from a championship is grounds to fire a coach. That’s what soccer franchises do in Europe. Barrea was amazing over the last two games. Great team effort from the champs. Some dazzling ball movement. Brian Cardinal is a tough player. Great defensive Basketball IQ on that guy. Myself and all the Blazer fans are happy that the West came out on top. Terry was right. Portland was a tougher matchup for them than Miami. Great show guys and thanks for a season of great blogs and comments. You guys rock!

  24. how will we get rounders updates?

  25. Awesome year guys. Bummed your show is over for now

  26. Another great year. Great job

  27. @ chomiak

    I would saw watch a The Rounders Jones show once a week

  28. Come join us in Brampton, Ontario. It’s way more depressing in person.

    I love you all. It was a great season. We’re not dying (although, Matt just went home to change his shirt before we go out for celebratory drinks, that may mean it’ll be a big night).

    Thanks for watching and we’ll be around all summer.

  29. TBJ, you did a great job again this year. I love your show and I’ll miss my daily fix. I hope we won’t have to wait too long for the next season!

  30. Come on guys, how is Spoelstra to blame for not squeezing enough out of James? Noone can do that, the guys just doesn’t think anyone has the right to say to him, do this do that, you think Mike Brown ran plays in Clevelend? Hell no, LeBron bullying his way around during three (already) regular seasons when every team decides it’s OK to lose to “The King”, that’s the deal if you ask me. But when games really mean something it turns out that the best player is actually not the best player at all, just a freakish athlete that intimidates and most of the time since he is running the game plays against PG’s he dominates… Of course he is gonna be dominant – he’s plaing against guys a foot shorter, I’ll have 8 ast if you put mi in this sutuation.

    I know I’m probably getting annoying already with these LeBron rants, but come on, how many times do we have to witness this to figure it out – WE (the public, the fans, the media) SPOILED the guy. Plain and simple. And I’m just thinking that it’s a it too late for him to be able to swallow his ego and learn to be a player, rather than just an athlete.

  31. Erick Dampier is always on the losing team.

  32. Yeah, I’m surprised no one brought up Dampier. I haven’t heard his name at all, but it makes sense, he didn’t play very much this postseason. Figures he leaves the team that would go on to win this year’s championship for the team that they beat.

  33. yay scott pilgrim! yay TBJ! [screaming] stay with me, TBJ! [desperate look on face] don’t you holiday on me! [shakes the laptop] don’t die! live, dammit! liiiiiiiiiiivvvveee [weeps. emotions. disappears to locker room]

  34. thanks for the season TBJ, it’s been fantastic.

  35. great job this year guys, it’s been enjoyable as usual….are y’all doing a show for the draft by any chance?

  36. When Ian Mahimi was given the ball and made that jumper, Lebron turned to him walking, as if he were going to miss it and Ian made it in his face. Oh and great show guys. Loved the 1st draft pick prediction video.

  37. It was all about the free throws. The superstar team forgot the basic fundamentals from elementary school :(

  38. ok, no lockout please so we can get our daily tbj fix back on time.

  39. I called this series and actually got the amount of games correct! Holy balls, if only I could have done this for any one of the other series this post season. Dallas will be back at it next season too, if we have one.

    I think there should be some more discussion as to how awesome of a playoff run Dallas actually had. A really tough, young Portland team in the first round, who a lot of people picked to upset the Mavs (not me). The 2-time defending champion Lakers, who Dallas completely obliterated on both ends of the floor and made them their bitches, and I don’t think anyone gave the Mavs a chance to beat them (I gave ‘em a good chance but didn’t think it would happen). An up and coming, future champion OKC Thunder team, who many believed was ready to make it to the finals and potentially even win the championship (I thought this was going to happen). And then the defensive juggernaut and ‘we have 2 of the best 3 players in the world’ Miami Heat. Awesome run.

  40. Congrats Mavs. i was really happy to see this team win. j kidd and dirk finally getting a chip. lebron is the biggest butt face on earth! he and wade came into the season basically expecting to have a ring handed to them, they need there ego’s checked. your stupid tweets and commercials wont win you a chip, team ball does. as far as im concerned i hope the heat never win a chip as long as wade and james are on the same team. hey wade and james…..kobe won you guys the gold in china. i knew the mavs had the game as soon as terry came in and went buck nutty and can you imagine if dirk was on fire, theyd have won by 30. mavs you finally made it….yeah your the worlds greatest.

  41. Great season guys. Can’t wait for it to start up again.

  42. It’s already the 5th year i’ve been listening to (yes, still in my car) the TBJ. Congrats and many thanks from Hungary!

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