Hipster Dirk was in to saxophone way before Lady Gaga tried to bring it back.

Hipster Dirk only does special German workouts with some trainer you’ve probably never heard of.

Hipster Dirk was a much-maligned superstar who was considered too soft to win an NBA title way before LeBron James made that popular.

Hipster Dirk didn’t go to college because he thought they’d try to change him.

Hipster Dirk’s best friends are a Canadian, your dad and a Puerto Rican midget.

Hipster Dirk wanted the Mavericks to win a championship before that was all mainstream.

Hipster Dirk listens to David Hasselhoff unironically.

(photo via World Red Eye’s incredible Mavs party gallery)

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  1. Hipster Dirk parties where LeBron’s mom was busted.

  2. Hipster Dirk tapes his middle finger so he knows which one to throw up when they don’t let him into the club with his PBR

    Hipster Dirk gives his best thizz face when he sips on the sizzurp, but because he just likes the music

    Hipster Dirk tucks his shirt in because the flannel helps keep his upper thighs warm

    Hipster Dirk gets sick to feel like there’s something special about the way his body fights

    Hipster Dirk thinks those girls have bad taste in music, but he can show them the way

  3. his best friends was lolololol

  4. This. Pic. Is. Awesome.

  5. Hipster Dirk has an extra tall fixed gear bicycle with a handle basket to carry around his Championship Commemorative Plates.

  6. Should we call this site “Hipster ripoff”? Lamestreamers

  7. [...] there.”Yikes. We’ve seen how Dirk Nowitkzi has been partying since the Finals — hipster glasses, gigantic bottles of champagne, off-key versions of “We Are the Champions” all the [...]

  8. custodian is rockin the tie.. awwwwww yea

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