LeBron James addresses the haters

To: The Haters
From: LeBron James
RE: Hating

[At] the end of the day, all the people that was rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that.

They can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal, but they have to get back to the real world at some point.

Action items:

  • Stop hating.
  • Chill.
  • Worry about yourself.
  • Maybe see some sort of psychiatrist for your personal problems.

LeBron James

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  1. haha nice try …………………..

  2. I won’t have a tarnished legacy. Money can’t cure that, baldy.

  3. @Rafael,

    Will you even have a legacy? I think we need some perspective here…

  4. Oh the simple pleasures simple men take in the demise of others.

  5. Having a bad legacy is worse than having no legacy. I don’t feel like a failure.

    So when he faces the real world, he will still have to live with his failures. I’m good.

  6. Sounds like he’s already used to failure

  7. @ Adam

    LOL. That was funny. Though I think I make sense, I had to laugh at that.

  8. “I’ll keep being obscenely rich and LeBron James, and you will continue to be sad and poor and nobody. Haw Haw, fags.”

    Nice one, LeBron! I’m sure that will shut everybody up right quick.

  9. Nice admission by LeBron that his world is not the real world. That’s step 1 on his road to recovery.

  10. Did he really need to comment on that? That’s his problem, he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.

  11. Lebron James sucks…. Does he know that it is the fans whom basically pay his salary ? Without fans of the nba he would be just some regular dude playing in a gym…. Can’t he afford a PR guy so that he doesnt keep on saying the dumbest stuff ever ! You didn’t see michael jordan taking shots at the fans whenever he lost.

  12. I’m amazed at how he comes off more douchey the more he tries to adress the fact the people see him as a douche O_O

  13. Lets take very specific note to what was said and not said. Lebron said despite his current trials and tribulations although it may give satisfaction to those who dont want to see me succeed because they interpret my behavior as selfish, childish, if not collectively douche, I will still be a complete man happy in myself and family.

    What wasnt said?


    Lebron as a private man is free to endeavor to his own ambitions. But umm has Lebron ever looked his professional reality in the eyes?

    Seriously anyone have an answer?

    Lebron fans defend the private man or the stat man, but NO ONE DEFENDS the champion man.

    That which is the legacy and measurement of all in sports.

    I dont care about LBJ’s private life, but all the nice things said about Dan Marino dont change the fact that he DIDNT GET IT done.

    So if Lebron’s only response to critics of why he hasnt proven himself a champion is to defer to his personal self, he is ignoring the relavent questions.

  14. Dear LeBron,

    F**k you, loser.

    The Haters

  15. i dont think by personal problem he meant serious problems. maybe like raising a family or having a life of their own. clearly people take pleasure in his failure so why the fuck would he care what you people say or do?

  16. the question was “how do you respond to fans hating you?” it wasnt some random thing he was saying, have you guys ever seen a press conference. its usually reporters asking dumb questions and to get a random string of words that they can use to make a story interesting. like this one.

  17. Was there a party in Cleveland last night?

  18. i love how he has to console himself by taking comfort in knowing other people have misery and problems… NOT! this is so petty and pathetic of a spoiled prick. what a winning attitude too.

  19. I love how you haters will still find some reason to bag in the guy. The media and all you haters have been riding his dick since he was 15 years old. Obviously he doesn’t like losing and seeing his name all over the news alongside choke and such, who would? What he says rings of truth though. You and I will continue to be sports fans, judging people based on performances in a game, while he will go back to his billion dollar mansion, fuck any girl he wants, buy anything he wants, etc. Real life, real talk. Do I care? No, the guy is an athletic freak and if the world is paying their gladiators these days and not just watching them get mauled by lions (instead doing the hating ourselves) I could care less. The constant haters need to suck it up and find some enjoyment in their lives.

  20. All the haters need to calm down. You can’t expect this guy to say nice things to you haters when you diss him every single chance you get. All the media/fans that have been ragging on Lebron have gotten out of hand. Sure he’s done things that justify the bitterness the fans and media have directed at him, but A LOT of it is unjustified. For example that stupid fiasco about the “celebration” Wade and James had in game 2.

    I wanted Dallas to win, because of Dirk and Kidd, but part of me started to hope the Heat would win so I could stop hearing all this bullshit, all the time.

    I’m surprised he can still maintain composure while answering stupid questions like this.

  21. Couldn’t it read like this?

    “Dear fans, stop buying ESPN’s irresponsible and inaccurate narrative and think for yourselves for a moment. Was it really that terrible to realize that my decision was a marketable moment, or was I supposed to be unaware that it was the NBA’s biggest story from 2008 to 2010? Part of sports is entertainment, and for trying to entertain, I was utterly thrown under the bus by ridiculous children like Dan Gilbert and fans and writers everywhere that are more sheep and con men (in the case of the writers) than people. I know negative journalism is more enticing to whoever is holding the mouse, remote, or radio dial, and I know you have mouths to feed, but there is absolutely no accountability in the sports journalism world, and it’s making people stupid. And to the folks who consume this nonsense, at some point you have to stop being mentally lazy and consider the validity of what you are consuming. The quote “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach,” when read, seems a bit arrogant. When viewed, it just seems scripted, and is read in a down to earth, measured way. Frankly, no matter how you spin the quote, it doesn’t seem that bad, and certainly wasn’t intended that way. The horrid sports journalism world, Basketball Jones excluded, had to work pretty hard to make that and The Decision fuel for scandal for an entire year, but thanks to sheep like you (the haters), they succeeded. If you enjoy having your news processed and digested for you, and enjoy being told what your opinion of that news should be, then by all means keep watching ESPN for sports and FOX News (or MSNBC) for everything else.

    Oh, and “SPOILER ALERT”
    ESPN’s narrative for next year is “Redemption”. You will buy into it, just as you bought into this. You will think I am a better person and a better basketball player, but frankly, I’ll be about the same. Here, save yourself some time and play the whole thing out in your head…
    Done? Good. Now go get your news from real sources and please try to process things for yourself. You all acted uglier than even the most biased and slanted sources said I did this year.

  22. Couldn’t say it better than Kevin…

    Stop hating on the losers, enjoy the winners. That will do some good on your karma ;-)

  23. @Kevin – * slow clap *

  24. All the Haters talking about LeBron choking are merely taking away from the amazing play of the Mavs. Give the credit where it is due, they played awesome.

  25. So it’s all the medias fault that LeBron has an Ego the size of the moon and doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to flaunt it? I’m not disagreeing the Media and fans have a role to play in that, but it takes two to tango.

    There are other superstars in this league that get near enough the same attention and don’t act the way LeBron does.

  26. It’s Sports! Hating is part of the fun. For fans that’s the lure of sports because we can escape from the real world. And for Haters, at least we can always come back to our real world…LeBron, well, maybe he’s stuck somewhere else, in that place where he thinks people base their actual happiness on him winning or losing.

  27. exactly glen ! ^^^

  28. Honestly, if I had people talking about, for example, Delonte West banging my mom I’d find it hard to be sympathetic and respectful too.

    But on the other hand, you can’t aspire to be a global icon and then crumble when the world focuses on you.

  29. C-H-O-K-E.
    People love success but they love to see selfdestruction like the Belgian golfer who lost it or the german F1 driver who this weekend lost the race in the last turn.

    I have people who could care less about the NBA who watched the Finals JUST to see Princess James fail.

    I know people who despise Cuban with a passion who rooted for the Mavs because they played against James.

    The princess has been the best thing to happen to the NBA Finals this year because so many people who wouldnt have cared decided to watch to see him fail.
    And he did. Spectacularly in the 4th quarters.
    And people were happy.

    Today, theyve forgotten about and moved on.

    Watching someone fail like that is really, really fun. But its really short lived.
    The winners get to savour their teams victory for months-years. The losers will relive the many failures over and over all summer and the haters will forget about this whole thing right about ….now.
    Still, short lived as it was, wathcing him fail constantly in the 4th quarter still ranks up there with the greatest choke jobs in sports.

    Since Princess James is a global icon in his mind, whats the global version of Bill Buckner so foreign fans can better grasp his current place in championships history?
    Mind you, Buckner was one play, James choked in every game and every 4th quarter when it was time to be counted.

    Joe Blow will go back to his 60hr job trying to make ends meet but at least he can go to his job and know that he is not a choker.
    Because that what this whole thing is about: no one wanting to say the magic word:

    It is what it is.
    There is no hiding from it.
    When the pressure is at its highest, some players stand up to the challenge and some people wet themselves.

  30. @ Tim L – Nicely said. The Haters pay his salary and his multi million dollar house so they have a right to say what they feel like.

    People don’t hate him for being talented and young and athletic. They admire him for that. They hate him because he’s cocky and arrogant and don’t appreciate the fans that put him where he is.

    They hate him because The Decision was self serving and merely there to stroke his ego.

    They hate him because he along with Wade and Bosh had a celebration before they even played their first game as though they’ve already won the Championship.

    Lebron James will win his Championship, he’s too talented and young to not to. Until that day, the Haters will as his highness has said go back to their little lives knowing maybe there is karma in the world and while they may not be going back to a multi million home or drive a fancy car supporting an entourage of people, at least they put in an honest day’s worth of work and did their best to make a difference. King James afterall only plays a game.

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  33. ahh shutup yallllllll lebron is the best and he can have a baldy and like he said ya gunna live tht bummass life of urrss

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