Immediately after the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship, Dirk Nowitzki sprinted to the locker room to have himself a little cry. Upon his return, he was given a Mavs championship hat, put it on his head and looked the most normal he would for the rest of the night. What followed was a series of ever more bizarre brim tilts, the likes of which have never been seen. Join us on this journey of hat-wearing innovations.

As you can see, even though Dirk had his hat on straight at the trophy presentation, it was way too small for his head. The guy’s seven feet tall and has a glorious mane of flaxen hair, so it makes a lot of sense that his hat wouldn’t fit exactly right. But still, pretty normal hat stuff from Dirkus Circus.

That would soon change.

As soon as Dirk got to his postgame press conference, things went haywire. For whatever reason, Dirk decided to push his hat back just a little bit and get some tilt on, basically becoming a swag rapper in the process of doing so. His mixtape drops next month. It’s under his rap name (Twerk Flowitzki), it’s called “Got That Dirk,” and it features guest verses from Dallas rap luminaries Pastor Troy and Dorrough, plus a few hooks by Erykah Badu. It should be pretty good.

Though he primarily looked like a rapper with a tilted fitted, he also kind of is wearing his hat the exact same way I did when I played for the Plano Molding little league team in 1992. Great look.

Then, when it came time to pose with the Larry O’Brien trophy, Dirk went with a Jesper Parnevik look, just to keep things really European. It’s also a nice way to show off that graphic under the bill, which is great for marketing.

But the best hat move was reserved for Dirk’s NBA TV interview, when he busted out the rarely seen snapback-over-headphones getup, which only looks better from the front.

Perfect. It looks like he’s wearing Mark Kelso’s concussion helmet. I really hope this becomes the new thing. Everybody in the NBA already has those over-the-ears Beats By Dre cans, so throwing a ballcap over the top of them is easy. It looks so good, I don’t see why it won’t catch on.