There’s a whole lot to like about this here vijoe. From the amount of Dallas fans who hung around after the game to say wassup to their title team to Dirk taking the time to bask in their applause on both of sides of the bus to the silly grin he has on his face the entire time, it’s all good, baby bay-bay.

But the best part, by far, is at the end when Dirk says, “We’re got going to the club? Why not?” Dude just wants to party and vibe out to some Kompakt Records electro. Maybe chill out to some Superpitcher or whatever.

He got his wish.

Ha ha. Your dad and all his old guy friends go to the club in tucked-in dress shirts. Classic old guys moves.

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  1. So glad I could say that I was there for The Basketball Jones’ first and last-ever Superpitcher reference.

  2. It’s awesome that Dirk is so confused when he asks why they’re not going to the club.

  3. Your Dad is the best!

  4. how could Miami allow Mavs to celebrate like that? Miami doesn’t deserve a dynasty team.

  5. they can wear their shirts anyway they want to, they’re the mother f*cking champs

  6. congrats to the Jet who just gave birth to a baby that looks like the Larry O’Brien trophy

  7. Lesson of the Day (courtesy of Old Guys):

    The time to hit da clubs is AFTER you win the championship. Or at least AFTER you’re eliminated from the playoffs. NOT during the regular season, for money.

  8. your dad is the best.

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