If this year’s Finals taught us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t leave your feet throw a pass. Especially if you’re Shawn Marion, because yikes. And you thought his jumper was ugly.

(via NBA Playbook)

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  1. Totally agree with that, along with keeping your dribble alive/not picking up your dribble for no reason, that’s one of the basic “rules” of basketball.

  2. Why does Barea even try to jump pass? Couldn’t he be a lot more effective if he just passed between peoples legs all the time? They are right at his level, jumping just puts him even with his defender.

  3. Sebastian’s doing God’s work with his videos, but I feel this one would be more effective with a medley of “Jump”, “Jump Around” and “Jumpin Jack Flash”.

  4. Interesting point but the stats are misleading. Lots of these passes happened because they had no other option. Turnover was likely in a lot of them anyway, the pass was just a last-ditch rescue attempt. Definitely agree that Marion should give them up though.

  5. Half of them at least were more like jump shots turned into pass. Which is about the worst idea you can have on a basketball court.

    I know we had the example of Chris Paul in these playoffs who found his buddy for a clutch shot after one of these ooops moment. But most of the time it ends up garbage…

  6. Love that that awful Peja shot gets classified as a jump-pass.

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