Wha' Happened?: Dallas did it

Dallas Mavericks 105, Miami Heat 95
There is not a whole lot to be said about last night’s game besides that the Mavericks, yet again, made shots. 50 percent from the floor and 42 percent from three, keeping up the hot shooting that guided their playoff run. The Mavs made seven more field goals and four more threes than the Heat, negating Miami’s advantage at the free throw line. There’s a reason shooting is the most important of the Four Factors, and you can see that still held true last night.

And it came from everyone. Jason Terry was 11-16 and made three threes. DeShawn Stevenson made three threes. Your Dad hit a bomb from way downtown. Ian Mahinmi made two shots in a game for just the 14th time all season. Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion were the only bros who didn’t make at least 50 percent of their attempts, and even Dirk went 8-15 in the second half after making just one of his 12 first half field goal attempts. Dallas shot the milk out of the ball all playoffs, last night was no different.

As for the Heat, well, Mario Chalmers led them in fourth quarter scoring. That kind of says it all. For large portions of that final quarter, he seemed like the only guy who guy aggressively seeking his shot, as the Heat often seemed content to spend the last 12 minutes of the season whipping the ball around the perimeter. They were a defeated team, and you could see that well before the final horn sounded. Very weird way to end a very weird season. I am sure that they will figure out how to play together, win a bunch of championships and become the dynasty they expect to become, but last night they were the worse team, so they lost. Sometimes, basketball makes a whole bunch of sense.

So that’s it. The last NBA game we’ll be seeing for who knows how long. Nice way to go out, I’d say.

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  1. Much respect to Dirk, JET, Kidd, Chandler, Matrix Reloaded, Joe Jon, DeShawn and Your Dad. The Mavs would make a lousy bird because they were unflappable the whole series.

    When I finish the project I’m working on, I’m going to run around the office doing the Jason Terry airplane thing.

  2. “I am sure that they will figure out how to play together, win a bunch of championships and become the dynasty they expect to become,”

    Are you sure about this? Last night didnt look like “back to the drawing board” . It looked like “MMMMkay…this aint gonna work”.

  3. Hey trey , no love for barea on that analysis. What’s up with that!? He play great all the games he startee. He was great all playoffs long coming from the bench as well. First boricua with a ring!!!!! PR baby!

  4. JJ was great, his name just didn’t make it in. Word up, Puerto Rico!

  5. What do you mean “this ain’t gonna work,” Raptorman? Losing in the finals still means you were better than 90% of the teams in the league. If you’re a young team and you’ve made it that far but fall just 2 games short of a championship, that tells me you’re in need of some minor tweaking and perhaps some good fortune. (Make no mistake, all champions benefit from some good fortune.)

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