You were probably thinking, “The season is over. DeShawn Stevenson already busted out his ‘Tell Me How My Dirk Tastes’ t-shirt. There is nothing left to accomplish, hater-wise. He’s done it all.”

Nope! From ESPN:

“It makes me feel good, man, to beat him, to beat that Miami team,” Stevenson told in an AmericanAirlines Arena hallway after the Mavs clinched the title with Sunday’s Game 6 win. “The way they act, the way they treated Dirk [Nowitzki], all the things that they said were very classless. To win on the court the way we did it, it was wonderful.” [...]

“I think we did it with class,” said Stevenson, who was involved in a shoving match with Miami’s Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers that resulted in technical fouls for each during the second quarter of Game 6. “They tried all kind of different things and made fun of us and were on the go-karts laughing after Game 1, like they already won the championship. To beat them on their court, it feels good.”

Pardon me, but hahahahahahahahahahaha (LOL). DeShawn Stevenson called the Heat “classless” minutes before donning an anti-LeBron James shirt for a title celebration. If he were a pot, he’d be like, “Hey kettle, you’re black and classless.” Then he’d pretend like he can’t feel his cast iron face. If he met J.R. Smith, he’d say, “You have a weird neck tattoo.” And so on and so forth.

I especially like how Tim MacMahon includes the part about DeShawn getting in a pushing match during Game 6, just to remind you that he’s a bit of a wacko. He probably thinks Drew Gooden was weird for wearing a number in the 90s.

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  1. Dear DeShawn,

    Please put on your “3 Monacle” before reading. Take a look in the mirror at how classless you are. I too dislike LeBron, but the way you went at him when you were with Washington was absurd. You are not any less arrogant than he is and you lucked into a good situation because your old team wanted you out.



  2. I agree. If there was one guy who should have been thrown out of that game, it was DeShawn, He started the “fight” in the second quarter when he taunted the Heat bench after going up by 12 (should have been one T). Then when the Heat regain the lead, Haslem semi-walks towards the Mavs bench (he was actually at mid-court) when Stevenson shoves him (should have been a second T). Throw in all of the trash talking that he’s hurled at LeBron, there is no reason the Mavs aren’t going to let this doofus walk.

  3. @Paul:

    My sentiments exactly.

  4. Hahahahhahahah….. If Chappelle ever did another “Hater’s Ball”, DeShawn would be all up in it.

  5. He’s a goon, thats his job. To get under everyones skin. Great teams usually have some guy like this, so he’s just doing his job.

  6. He’s a goon, thats his job. To get under everyones skin. Great teams usually have some guy like this, so he’s just doing his job.

  7. You can’t talk s*** if you got benched for JJ Barea.

  8. Every good team has to have one complete nutjob… gotta love DeShawn

  9. Trey Kerby i know it burns man ..its ok maybe you should tell him how Dirk taste hahahah

  10. He has every right to talk trash. They were making jokes about his teams star player. He is in a championship. The championship gets competitive. Getting under someones skin or being able to put a win in the other teams face when they are cocky punks, it feels great.

  11. says the dude who had sex with a 14 year old when he was what 19-20? someone get this goon out of the nba

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