What’s an NBAer to do during the offseason? Besides working out, watching the Finals and going to Vegas, dreaming up some new tattoos seems to be the popular choice.

Oklahoma City’s Eric Maynor recently revealed a completed sleeve on his Twitter account and it’s pretty impressive. Think back to the Maynor you saw during the season this year. That’s a lot of new ink in a short span.

The one thing I always wonder when we see guys who are extensively inked up is whether they’ve been given the stamp of approval from their mothers. Maynor told me his mom has yet to see the sleeve, so the verdict’s still out on her opinion, but I’ve gotta say, he gets major cool points for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt he wore to the tattoo parlour.

And speaking of Ninja Turtles, here is where I tell you that my first pet was a hamster and she was named April after the crew’s reporter friend, April O’Neil, and that I was a Donatello girl. Turtle power.