Video: TBJ Thank You

Thanks for a great season, guys.

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Comments (31)

  1. Good season, gents! Enjoyed it!

  2. Great season indeed! Looking forward to that mock draft.

  3. I Love your show nothing better to make my day to watch you on my Zune on my way to ma dead end job

  4. Thanks you guys, the Basketball Bones’ blog+videos have brightened many a late morning for me. Great season, and here’s hoping the next one isn’t much delayed.

  5. Thanks for all the great stuff guys. Have a great summer.

  6. Thank you guys. This is a great show, with great production quality that doesn’t sell out by just talking about superstars. The right amount out of intelligence with the right amount of goofy.

  7. Thank you guys! A great season of basketball this year, but even if it had been mediocre, I probably would have stuck around just for the Jones. You guys are like the spice on the meal that is the NBA season. Great work to everybody!

    Oh, except one suggestion. More Warriors coverage!

  8. h8 life now that tbj is gone for awhile.
    you could say i’m jones-ing for some jones.
    i’ll tweet that at y’all so you can retweet me.

  9. hey,
    really sad now that youre gone for almost half a year… since here in germany we are 6 hours ahead, you guys were the geschwindner to my dirkulestic evenings. sometimes i even listened to you on my pod the morning after you recorded it on my way to work/college… haha… have a nice off season!

  10. Thank YOU! The NBA is the same no more without my daily TBJ fix.

  11. Where will we get our fix of Toronto adult rec league softball coverage?

  12. As unagi said: thank YOU!

  13. Thank YOU guys! I love watching the daily show, it goes perfect with lunch everyday (and has for 3 years). Keep it up, you two are awesome.

    Excited to see some more activity through the summer, too!

  14. Glad to here you guys post in the off-season. Looking forward to the mock draft, and now I wait for late October to come.

  15. Great season guys. Enjoyed it a lot. Almost as much as Skeets shirt. What is that, a kids medium?

  16. What am i going to do without the Fix?!?!?!

  17. The daily fix is what got me through this ridiculous school year. Thanks a lot guys!!

  18. Great stuff guys. This is a big part of what makes it the best stretch of the year.

  19. i actually do love you to death, as the (awesome) opening song says. TBJ and all its editors and producers FT big-time W. (thank you)³ and by the way the end theme is also awesome! oh and this may be kind of ignorant but being from europe i didn’t really have a lot to do with your home country beforehand so i’m just gonna say it: you guys kind of single-handedly changed my perception of canada. you and that steve nash fella.

  20. from australia, can’t wait for next season and thank you for entertaining.

  21. Hey what happened to the actual show? You guys just stopped talking about it and it disappeared as the playoffs started it felt like. What gives?

  22. Big THX to @LL you guys contributing with the site and video podcasts

    LoL ( lots of love ;-) ) from Poland ( especially to our greek mate Tas ) ^^

  23. Great season guys!!!!!!!!

    With Taco Trey and all others contributors this is officially BEST NBA BLOG on web!!!

    Great job by Matty O and JD makin the magic happen.

    Much respect from Croatia and let’s all hope that we will have NBA in few months.

  24. Thanks! Can you please get new opening/closing songs for next year?

  25. From Germany: THANK YOU!

    @andy lund: No, the song ist Perfect! Dont change anything!

  26. What a great season indeed. Especially for me as a german… go dirk.
    Special thanks to the Basketball Jones… you have been my main source for NBA news all year… thanks so much.

  27. @Ben – we slow the daily show down in the summer months. We’ll have the odd video here and there regarding the draft, a random free agent signing, etc. But we won’t really get going daily again until season previews start.

  28. another great season of work guys. not to mention a great season of ball to cover. i’ll miss you guys during the summer months, but as skeets said hopefully the daily show returns sooner than later.

    oh, and stay out them riots in greece tas

  29. Thanks a bunch Skeets, Tas, Matt, and JD. You guys make following a great sport even better.

  30. I agree with almost everything posted above. Skeets, Tas, Matt and JD: you do a great job and have truly made the NBA season more enjoyable with your unique insight and humor. Have a good summer, can’t wait for next season

  31. Great season guys, props here from Denmark.. The Fix is by far the easiest (and best) way to follow the regular season for someone who can’t watch many games.. Looking forward to next season!

    Have a great summer!

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