Now that the season is over and we’ve got a week until the last big event for who knows how long, I’m taking a couple of days off. As you read this, I am driving to Nashville to start a country music band with Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi. We all signed this guitar in lieu of a contract. Look for our record to drop in the third quarter of 2012, a.k.a. Oscar season.

But really, I’m heading to Nashville for a friend’s weekend-long bachelor party, which means posting will be light until Monday. We’ve got a few posties lined up, but it won’t be the same non-stop piping hot content festival that you’re accustomed to. I am sure you will survive, word to Gloria Gaynor.

Back at it Monday. Until then, enjoy these contributors, who are all very great. And enjoy your weekend. Peach.

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  1. hop out to the white denim show on saturday and we’ll bro out

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