There are a lot of ways to impress scouts at an NBA pre-draft workout. You can make all of your shots, showing people that youhave incredible shooting range. You can measure as tall as people say you are, thereby making you more valuable in the height-obsessed NBA. You could do some sweet spin moves around chairs, proving that you are Yi Jianlian.

Or you can just tear the rim off the backboard, which is what St. John’s University guard Paris Horne did over the weekend. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Toward the end of Sunday’s predraft workout, Paris Horne went up to dunk the ball and came down with the rim.

Horne was one of four prospects working out for the 76ers at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

“I went up and dunked, and the next time I looked it was on the floor,” Horne said of the rim. “They were pretty excited, surprised. We just walked down to the other end and kept working out.”

Horne said that “hopefully” taking down the rim would stick in the team’s mind.

Not a bad first impression to make, especially for a 6-foot-3, 190 lb. guard for whom ESPN and Draft Express don’t even have a scouting profile. You don’t see that happen too often since the new side breakaway rims were introduced, especially not from little guards. A definite eye-opener, for sure.

Unfortunately, Horne probably won’t get drafted just because he broke a backboard in a pre-draft workout against three other guys who aren’t top prospects. But at least he’ll always have an awesome story and the knowledge that even if he didn’t make a roster, he still took some of an NBA team’s money. That’s a decent consolation prize.

(via SLAM)