If there’s one thing that people always say about Tim Duncan, it’s that he really knows how to party. That he just goes crazy during the offseason, traveling all around the world and really living it up. He’s a real wild man.

Except no one says that, because he goes to Las Vegas and does things like this. From Spurs Nation:

Tim Duncan cooled his heels last week by checking out a variety of shows during a family vacation in Las Vegas.

The esteemed Las Vegas gossip columnist Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Spurs All-Star forward caught the action of the Jabbawockeez show Friday night at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

Earlier in the week, Duncan watched Carrot Top’s performance at the Luxor Hotel.

The only way this trip could be more up Tim Duncan’s alley is if the Magic: The Gathering pro tour happened to cross through Vegas during the same week Timmy took his vacation. Or if he got front row seats to Celine Dion’s revue at Caesar’s Palace. I’m sure he loved her first set of shows and is just dying to see her new performance.

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  1. Trey!
    Leave Timmy alone! Man can do whatever he likes… Stick with joking about the T-Wolves=)

    Or Celine Dion…

  2. Of course Tim Duncan enjoys prop comedy. Of course.

  3. Saw Tim Duncan in Vegas during AllStar weekend that year being a total dick to a waitress, berating her about messing up his wife’s Diet Coke order. Wasn’t surprised. It’s fun to pretend he’s a robot, because the alternative (the truth) is that he’s just a prick.

  4. I’m not hating, just saying what Ashley’s saying — of course Tim Duncan is a Carrot Top fan.

  5. Trey, you are such a nerd for the dropping the Magic the Gathering pro tour into your article. But i respect that about you now.

  6. As a huge Spurs/Timmy fan, it hurt to read that he paid to see Carrot Top.

  7. But what did Lebron’s receding hairline do in Vegas?

  8. he obviously wanted to learn carrot top’s secrets for getting jacked so quick.

  9. I will not believe that Tim Duncan went to see a comic that uses props…..nnoooo!! His in-laws must have bought the tickets and he was forced to go along.

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