Not because he’s a great defensive mind, though he is. And not because he’s a smart hire, which is also true. Not because the way he spells his first name is way more accurate than Mr. Fashion Week, even though that’s the case. Not even because “Coach Casey” sounds like a Samuel L. Jackson movie character who turned out to be a good basketball coach, which it does.

No, Dwane Casey is perfect for Toronto because of his motivational tactics. Check it, from the Toronto Sun:

Casey said he used hockey video to help set the defensive team’s defensive mindset during the NBA finals.

“Because we felt we were playing too soft against Miami to start the series,” he said. “And it really set the tone.

“I don’t know a lot about of hockey. I know I’ll learn about it. But we spliced in (footage of) those guys checking players up into the window (glass), into the boards and that type of thing and that’s the way we want to play.

A basketball coach who uses hockey highlights to motivate his players sounds like just what the publicly-funded doctor ordered for Canada’s only NBA team. The only way he could be better suited for the job is if he insists on changing the Raptors’ uniforms to flannel, replaces Gatorade with maple syrup and does other stereotypically Canadian things. Eh? Eh.

However, I suppose it is troubling that Casey was using these perfectly Canadian techniques while coaching in Dallas. That’s not exactly playing to your audience, even if they do have a hockey team down there. If he shows up to Raptors mini-camps with a whole bunch of high school football highlights, all bets are off.