How do you celebrate an NBA title if you are a rookie who played a total of 135 minutes in the regular season and zero minutes in the postseason? With a neck tattoo of the Larry O’Brien Trophy, duh. These are the Dallas Mavericks after all. Getting weird tattoos is kind of their thing.

But yeah, that’s the neck of Dominique Jones, the team’s first round pick from a year ago. Despite never seeing the court in the playoffs, he’s still an NBA champion and his neck will never let you forget that. Good for him/his neck.

Considering his entire chest looks like it’s already covered in tatts, I’d guess adding a little neck ink is no big deal. Besides, this isn’t even close to the strangest neck tattoo on the team, so this will probably go unnoticed in the Dallas locker room. Those guys get trophies tatted on them all the time like it’s nothing.

(via EOB)