The 2010-11 NBA season is officially in the books—a season so crazy it’s easy to forget many of the wonderful things that made it so special. Luckily for you, TBJ is not in the forgetting-shit business, so I’ve come up with the list of the 100 greatest moments of the NBA year that was. Be sure to let me know what I missed as I’m sure the list of exclusions are many. It was that kind of season.

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70. Blake Griffin’s 47 against the Pacers on MLK Day

69. The Bieb gets booed at MSG

68. Bulls-Heat, Game 5


66. The post-Melo “No Sticky Hands” Nuggets

65. “Fuckin’ Rudy Gay, man …”

64. Carmelo Anthony’s first game in New York

63. The Heat-Celtics season opener

62. The happiest Nets fan in the world

61. Manu Ginobili’s behind-the-back move against the Bulls

60. Eddie House scores 35 against Raptors, accidentally secures Heat home court against Mavs in Finals

59. James Harden’s dunk on J.J. Hickson

58. John Wall starts everyone doing the Dougie, pisses off Colin Cowherd

57. Derrick Rose’s 42 points against the Spurs

56. Nets-Raptors, 3OT in London, England

PREVIOUSLY: Top 100 moments from ’10-11 NBA: No. 85-71 | No. 100-86