“I just want to make sure I’m Glen Davis wherever I’m at,’’ Davis said. “I think I can be Glen Davis wherever. It just depends on the system, the people around the system, who’s going to let Glen Davis be Glen Davis, not make Glen Davis something they think he should be.’’ — ummm, Glen Davis, I think?

(via NBA Offseason)

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  1. The problem with Glen Davis in the recent playoffs was that he was exactly, you guessed it, Gahllehhnnnnnn Davisss. It became obvious that, to thrive, the real Glen Davis needs those around him to be stellar and command significant defensive attention. The suspicions were right; one can not be a relatively short and fat heap and get away with it forever in the professional, athletic field. Danny Ainge should not only decline offering a new deal, he should arrange potential suitors’ – if there are any, after what we’ve seen and just heard – appointment times with this obvious lunatic.

  2. He’s the only one.

  3. Good job with the photoshop.

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