The pre-draft rookie photo shoot is an annual tradition where we get our first look at how the incoming rooks are going to look to begin their career. Some go with conservative looks, some dress like jerks and there are always a few guys who are already savvy enough to put on some killer threads, just like Kemba Walker did up there.

The pants are a little too long, but Kemba’s still the clear winner of today’s contestants, which makes sense considering he’s been a national name for a while. If a 21-year-old from New Yrok who’s been a star for two years didn’t already have a stylist who knows how to make him look good, then I’d be surprised.

On the other hand, not every one was so successful. Take, for instance, Enes Kanter, who you may mistaken for a young Alfred Molina dressed like a high school sophomore who’s forced to dress up for an away game. Tuck your shirt in, bro. Also, get a different shirt. And pose.

Then there’s Kyrie Irving, presumed No. 1 overall pick, who went with a straightforward ensemble. He looks fine I guess, nothing too flashy, nothing to complain about, just a solid look all around. Pretty much how people feel about his game.

There’s been a lot of debate about whether Brandon Knight or Jimmer Fredette was the second-best guard in this year’s draft, which was only complicated when they wore almost the exact same shirt to the photo shoot. If you need help telling them apart, Brandon’s the one with the blue pants. Otherwise, twinsies.

Speaking of twinsies, here are Marcus and Markieff Morris. Or Markieff and Marcus, can’t really remember. (Just kidding. Both of those are Markieff. Or are they?)

Jonas Valanciunas’ look says, “Why worry? I’m not playing in the NBA this year.”

Arizona’s Derrick Williams was a huge fan of the basketball episode of “The Office.” He considers himself a real Kevin Malone-type prospect.

Meanwhile, Alec Burks saw how Mark Cuban built the Mavericks in to a championship squad and decided that mimicking his post-title pose was a great idea because it’d bring him that much closer to a trophy. He was wrong.

No, I didn’t Photoshop Kawhi Leonard’s hand. It really is that grotesquely big.

I understand that Tristan Thompson is probably trying to honor the University of Texas with his burnt orange shirt, but it kinda makes him look like he is part basketball. Your call on whether or not that’s a good look.

Not sure why Shaggy from “Scooby Doo” got an invite, so I’ll just assume he’s a Timberwolves prospect.

And finally…


Comments (20)

  1. Jonas Valanciunas is actually pretty well dressed

  2. I think Tristan Thompson is the clear winner here, with that last picture. Could he be the Landry Fields of this draft?

  3. Homer Kanter… find a shirt with long-sleeves please.

  4. Kyrie Irving looks like a 12-year old who wouldn’t walk out the door wearing nice clothes unless his mom gave in and let him wear sneakers.

  5. Loser – Mark Cuban in the link. OMG why does a billionaire dress exactly like my dad right down to the Levi’s Orange Tab jeans?

  6. Everytime I see Kyrie Irving I think he looks more and more Australian….

  7. la olm Enes o ne biçim bi kılık aq

  8. Strange, I’ve never visited “New Yrok”

  9. @ Sean: Because he can dress how he wants, he’s rich. Once you get “Mark Cuban Rich” you don’t give a fuck how you dress.

  10. aynen lan nba’de oynıycan giydiğin kıyafete bak aq

  11. enes galiba fotoğraf çekimine okul formasıyla gitmiş aceleyle bir gömleği değiştirebilmiş hayır gömlek de boktan amk :D

  12. harbi yaaa o nasıl kötü bir gömlek-pantalon kombinasyonudur enes modada rezil ettin bizi bari sahada bişeyler yapda durumu kurtar lan :)

  13. sakirt gömlegi giymis lan Enes :D

  14. kemba walker! he’s from new york no surprise in there…

  15. Kemba wins but by default. Very hipsterish imo. The Heatles should get their own two hour class at the rookie symposium to teach dressing

  16. Derrick Williams is the best dressed from his suit to those Salvatore Ferragamo shoes he has on. The writer of this article needs to step up his men’s fashion knowledge base or either not comment as to how someone is dressed.

  17. enes kanter sucks!!!11one

  18. Enes başgann o gömlek ne….sirkecide hacı osmandan mı giydirdiler seni

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