Some people think Derrick Williams will be a small forward in the NBA. Some people think he’s the prototypical new four that’s all the rage in the league. Derrick Williams thinks it doesn’t matter, because he’s post-positionality.

From RealGM:

“If you’re on the court it doesn’t matter, like Dirk [Nowitzki], he doesn’t have a real position but he’s out there playing,” Williams told the media in New York City on Wednesday.

“There’s a spot for everybody.”

So alt. So anti-mainstream. So FreeDarko. So right.

After all, if Williams can, at some point, approximate his numbers last season at Arizona (19.5 ppg, 8 rpg, 57 percent from three) then the only thing that’s going to matter is getting him on the court. Sure, matching hip up with someone he can guard might prove challenging, but that’s the sort of thing you can figure out through different defensive schemes. That requires the right personnel — the Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler to complete Williams’ Dirk Nowitzki analogy — but that kind of player can be found, or even developed.

Of course, if Williams isn’t quite as good or versatile as he says he is, then he’ll go down in draft history as another tweener who just couldn’t find a position in the NBA and we’ll look back at this proclamation and think he’s totally silly for comparing himself to Dirk Nowitzki. No pressure or anything.