You did it, Mavs fans. You made it. That’s Kanye West wearing a silver-brimmed Mavericks hat to a Louis Vuitton fashion show with GQ’s creative director, Jim Moore. This is a big moment. You’re finally famous with the jet-setting crew.

Either that or you’ve jumped the shark. Can’t really decide.

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  1. That’s not just a silver brimmed cap. It’s a snakeskin brim from his manager Don C’s new line of vintage hats with exotic textile brims. Obviously a tremendous idea. Vancouver Grizz croc brim is already headed my way.

  2. Guessing the Big Sean ‘finally famous’ pun was not on purpose!!? lol
    perfect way to dress up a white v

  3. Hasn’t Kanye been on their bandwagon since the “Power” Mav jumbotron video with dirk and all the bling?

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