Peach out, Kurt Rambis

In news that should surprise no one, Kurt Rambis will be fired by the Minnesota Timberwolves. As Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports, the team is going to wait until after the draft to announce Rambis’ axing, presumably because they don’t want their inevitable draft day follies to be overshadowed. Nice touch.

Rambis went 32-132 in his two seasons as Timberwolves head coach, benched Kevin Love for no reason, and didn’t even wear his iconic glasses on the sidelines, making his tenure as coach completely pointless. He did, however, lead the team on a four-game winning streak in January 2010, which I guess means nothing to anyone, geez.

Don’t feel too bad for Kurt, though. He’ll still be paid the remaining two years of his four year, $8 million contract. Plus, he won’t have to deal with David Kahn anymore. Truth be told, he might be the big winner in all of this.