If you’re not impressed with a guy dunking 75 straight times in quick succession, then maybe you should try it. Go for it, man. Just jump up and touch your ceiling as many times as possible before collapsing to the floor. I’m sure you’ll be able to get 75 without your legs catching on fire. No problem.

(via Bobcats.com/Chris Littmann)

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  1. Yes, but he’s not jumping as high as I would to touch my ceiling.

  2. How high is your ceiling?

  3. Thompson and Vucevic both did 100+, though. It’s still impressive, but not the best.

  4. he needs to learn how to go left.

  5. @Trey:

    Locker room glue guy, at best.

  6. He is jumping 20′ at most? Impressive but I still think most NBA top dunkers would do that no sweat :)

  7. Thats tough. It doesn’t matter the height, but just the rapid successions of jumps. Like me, I’m 6’4, but after 32 backboard slaps my legs give out.

  8. well he does have a 9″4 standing reach. he doesn’t have to jump that high.

  9. Erm…. this is all about he can do on the offensive end. Dude can carely shoot layups or hit a free throw.

    Prepare for a lot of HACK-A-(BIS)MACK

    will be a great defensive player though

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