Let’s see here. No. 6 pick in the draft, public affection from your super cute girlfriend, and a not-creepy-at-all comment complimenting said girlfriend by ESPN’s international scouting guru. Decent night, I guess.

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  1. I think he just became my new favourite player.

  2. Vesely will break up with that chick as soon as he’s signed his first NBA contract. Though I understand she wanted to get in her 5 seconds of fame before that happens…

  3. Critics says that it will remind us a lot like Andrei Kirilenko. with his excellent al athleticism.

  4. How tall is that woman? Jan Vesely is seven feet tall and she is almost eye-to-eye with him. It must be hard to find a woman that tall and that beautiful.

  5. Hopefully, like AK47, he sets it up so he can step out on her once a year, guilt free.

    Beats the Shaq version, where you step out on your wife, then send crips to clean up your mess.

  6. She plays basketball too apparently.

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