Andrew Unterberger went to the draft last night. He took a lot of pictures…

Draft night was probably pretty cool for Bobby Hurley. The rest of his career in Sacramento, not so much.

Presumably, Knick fans Nos. 1 (Stoudemire) through 6 (Fields) joined them in the stands shortly thereafter. Pity whoever got stuck with No. 5 (Walker).

The old-school, Eddie Gill-era Net fans always come out for the draft, assuming the draft is held in New Jersey.

“You want the Nets to take Kemba Walker or something?” I asked this guy. “Well…yeah. He’s the best player in the draft,” the guy responded incredulously. You really fucked up not taking him at No. 25, Billy King.

One of the many Jimmer posses in attendance. These guys had a banner!

A devout Rockets fan looking for Darryl Morey to cook up another season of asset-collection and playoffs-just-missing.

Not sure if we’re dealing with straight xenophobia or David Kahn-bashing here, but I’m glad to see that today’s kids have as much trouble spacing out their lettering as I did in my arts and crafts days.

Enes Kanter had a couple of rows to his own amidst the Gen-Pop of the Prudential Center. They were stern and look like they also love to play toughness.

This guy would’ve been shit out of luck if the Cavs had traded down out of one of those picks. He was probably too pumped to care, though.

The Draft Queen kept asking me something like “Do you like it?” I wasn’t sure if she was asking me about the draft, her gimmick or her breasts. The answer to all three was the same – Yes, but with many reservations.

A Cavs fan paying tribute to all-time Cleveland great Holland Trjaimteosr.

Surprised we didn’t get a “World Peace” cover-up job here. Maybe the guy was out of masking tape when the news came down the wire.

The entire building was buzzing with Jimmer mania all night. Often times, people would just shout out “Jimmer!” without providing any additional context. Leads me to wonder if anyone would give a shit if the guy was named Lee Wilson.

Turns out these guys were actually the legendary, now-defunct Philly-fan outfit known as Kapono’s Kings. I shook their hands proudly. Harriton High School represent!

Did I just call Eddie Gill old-school? Whoops.

These guys had a ton of signs. I asked them to give me the best and my eyes lit up at “Sexy Silver.”

Slow clap for these dudes.

A lot of things about this kid’s shirt confused me. Namely, why his dad was letting him wear it. And seriously, if you’re making a shirt that’s badmouthing LeBron, why do you even need to put his number on there? Are people going to be confusing it with a throwback?

This guy.

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