Best Dressed: Kemba Walker
Once again, Kemba nails it, from head to toe, even lucking out that the Bobcats’ hat perfectly matches his ensemble. The pants are just a tad too long, but everything else fits perfectly. Plus, he amps things up just a little bit by adding a tie bar, salmon and beige saddle shoes and that second ticket pocket on his right side. Dude is by far the most NBA-ready from a wardrobe perspective.

Most Standard: Kyrie Irving
Just like in his pre-draft portraits, there’s nothing that really stands out about Mr. No. 1′s look. Plain suit, plain shirt, OK tie, decent fit — pretty standard all around. Get used to it, Cleveland.

Most H&M: Kawhi Leonard
I’d not big on contrast piping jackets, but if you like Kawhi Leonard’s look, I’m sure you can pick something up just like it for $59 at the mall. To his credit, it matches his Spurs stuff really well. That’s schnazzy, as my grandma would say.

Best Styling: Kenneth Faried’s hair
He goes hard in the paint. Brick Squad. Ba ba ba ba ba ba bow.

Best Accessory (Human): Kenneth Faried’s daughter
Pretty good night for Kenneth Faried stylistically, even if he did button both buttons on his jacket. However, it’s kind of unfair to bring such a cute baby with you to the draft. Total game-changer. (via Living and Dying by the Jazz)

Best Accessory (Non-human): Marshon Brooks’ bowtie
It’s no baby, but this is a pretty chill bowtie. Looks very nice with his shirt, too. Still though, not a baby.

Worst Accessory: Morris twins’ pocket squares
On the plus side, if someone would have spilled at their draft table, these guys had it covered. On the minus side, look at those things.

Best color-matching: Klay Thompson
Good work, Klay Thompson. You managed to match your shirt to your pocket square to the gradient hat you ended up wearing at the end of the night. Nice foresight.

Regis Philbin-est Outfit: Alec Burks
Feel like this would have been a big hit if the draft was held in either November or they 2000, when “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” was still popular. At the very least, we can call this guy “Van Heusen” from now on.

Biggest Whoops: Tyler Honeycutt
Wrong button, bro.

Most awkward set of post-draft portraits: Enes Kanter
Posing is pretty hard, especially when you’re 7-feet tall. It is very hard to be graceful and “work it” when you’re just trying to control your gigantic limbs. Trust me.

Best/worst hat: Everyone
I don’t know about these. Some of them look great (Wizards, Rockets, Nuggets) and some of them are terrible (Cavs, Suns, Kings), plus they kind of look like trucker hats, which is only cool if you are actually a trucker. Either way, flat brims are here to stay, since a draftee hasn’t bent their new lid in either of the last two drafts. If you’re going to eschew the bend, you’ve got to really sell it, just like Jonas Valanciunas (top right). If everyone wore their hat like that, these would be an A+.