According to Adrian Dantley, his contract with the Nuggets was not renewed because he refused to rotate seats on the bench. Here’s how it probably went down…

George Karl: All right, Nuggs. Here we go. Let’s go. Keep moving. Let’s go. Move the ball. Let’s go. Good shots. Let’s go. Here we go. Let’s go.

Adrian Dantley: Here we go. Let’s go.

GK: Awwww, come on, J.R.! That’s a horrible shot! Timeout.

Referee: Full or 20?

GK: Full.

AD: Seat back. Seat back.

(The Nuggets talk strategy during the timeout while assistants mill around looking important with their clipboards. As the timeout ends, some assistant coach tries to sit in Dantley’s seat.)

AD: Whoa whoa whoa. I called seat back.

Some Coach: I didn’t hear it, so it doesn’t count.

AD: No, I called it, so it counts. Just because you were in the back, doesn’t mean I didn’t say it.

SC: You’re wrong. Everybody has to hear it for it to count. That’s like the basic rules of seat back.

AD: Are you kidding? You’re probably one of those guys who tries to steal shotgun on the “I couldn’t see the car” technicality. Go back to your seat. I called “seat back,” so I get my seat back.

SC: No. I sat here first, so I get this seat. It’s called firsties.

AD: Like I don’t know what “firsties” is. Why do you think I come out here three hours before every game and sit here by myself? So that my seat gets sweaty? No. That is just an unfortunate side effect. I do it because of firsties.

SC: So you agree firsties counts?

AD: Yes. Just not in this situation, because seat back trumps firsties after the beginning of each seating session. You pull a firsties at the beginning of the day and you get that seat until you get up. Then you call seat back, and you get the seat back. It’s an unwritten rule.

SC: I still didn’t hear you call seat back.

AD: George, did I call seat back?

GK: I am not getting in to this.

AD: Oh, that’s how it’s gonna be?

GK: Sorry, man.

(Dantley sits in his sweaty seat as play resumes, silently stewing that George Karl didn’t have his back. This leads Karl to believe that Dantley isn’t happy, which in turn leads Karl to not renew Dantley’s contract.)