How much do you like Michael Jordan?

I would say that I like him “very much a lot” and that he’s my favorite basketball player ever, which is a pretty high rating. But I do not know if I like him $100,000 worth, which is what it would cost to get your hands on one of just 10 sterling silver game-worn Air Jordan Is.

Yes, for the measly sum of 100 grand, you can have your very own sterling silver Air Jordan, which was supposedly given to MJ for his 32nd birthday. According to the eBay seller, Jordan has two of these, the CEO of Gatorade has one, the jeweler who made it has five, and collectors own the remaining shoes, so this is a pretty once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step your sterling silver shoe game up. As the seller says, “Even DJ AM in his vast collection did not have these shoes. Even Penny Marshall in her huge collection of sports collectibles, does not have these two shoes.”

That’s how you know it’s a good deal, guys. You buy these and you are instantly cooler than DJ AM and Penny Marshall combined. Plus, for $100,000, you also get an autographed Air Jordan I that isn’t made of metal. That addition brings the per-shoe price down to a way more manageable $50,000 apiece. At that rate, it’s almost stupid to not bid on this.

(via Nice Kicks)