Once upon a time, Andre Miller was a Denver Nugget. Then, once upon another time, he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for Allen Iverson. This made Andre Miller so very mad that he wouldn’t talk to his former coach.

Now, he’s been traded back to the Nuggets, which makes things kinda awkberg. From the Denver Post:

Six days before Christmas, the Nuggets unceremoniously shipped Miller to the Philadelphia 76ers in eager anticipation of their present in return — superstar guard Allen Iverson .

Nearly two weeks earlier, a disgruntled Iverson demanded a trade from the only NBA team he had ever played for. A whirlwind span of time resulted in Miller, who was comfortable as a starting point guard in Denver, being traded by the Nuggets in a manner he wasn’t happy with.

“It wasn’t the fact that I was disappointed. It was how it went down,” Miller said Monday after being reunited with the Nuggets. “I understand that it was part of the business and you have to accept it. It was just how it went down. That’s the main thing.”

He didn’t go into detail. But the former University of Utah star acknowledged he took the situation so personally, he didn’t talk to coach George Karl once since then until Sunday, three days after the Nuggets traded for him during the NBA draft. [...]

Karl tried to contact him when the Nuggets dealt him to Philly.

“I guess he tried to call me a couple of times, but I don’t remember,” Miller said. “But you know, at that time, we had that big blizzard (in the Denver area). Man, it was the worst blizzard ever. To be shipped off when it feels like it’s 10 feet of snow, it’s tough to carry a conversation. We didn’t have any dialogue. . . .I used it as motivation when I got to Philadelphia.”

As we all know, talking during a snowstorm is one of the worst things ever. That is one of the things we are all always saying about snowstorms, that it’s impossible to hold a conversation with someone who you worked with for three-and-a-half seasons. Outside of shoveling, that is the worst part about snowstorms. Way worse than frostbite.

But apparently, everything is all good now. Miller and George Karl have talked, and Miller assured Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri that he’s over it. As long as there isn’t a blizzard in Denver — like that ever happens — everything should be easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Besides, Andre Miller never causes problems and is always a really good teammate who gets along with everybody like a nice guy. He handles coming off the bench like a total pro. Never pouts or anything. This should work out fine.

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  1. Ruh-roh. Comments section, prepare for potential flood of irrational Andre Miller love from Blazers fans.

  2. Andre Miller seems like a jerk

  3. trey, dude, nice post, but you come off as a really sarcastic asshole in a lot of your work. ease up a little bit, you might go kelly dwyer level on us soon

  4. Andre Miller needs to grow up. If you accept that its a business, then stop taking things so damn personally. He seems like a soft emotional guy (like when he pushed Griffin for no reason).

  5. Andre Miller may be a little bit of a jerk, but he’s a damn good point guard and always has been. Its only because of his attitude that he hasn’t been featured like Nash, Cp3, etc.
    I’ve been a fan of his since his denver days… and when Roy was complaining, its because he wasn’t used to playing with someone that knowed the right way to play the PG spot (Steve Blake be damned I guess).

  6. First of all, he didn’t push Griffin; he knocked him flat on his ass and rattled his cage. Second, Griffin, then a rookie, had just gotten away with about three blatant hits and Portland’s bigs were too soft to man up so Andre did what had to be done. It’s actually my favorite Andre memory of his time in Portland. Gritty. If he could hit even a third of his threes, he’d be up there with Jason Kidd. Trey Kirby is a sarcastic asshole, as has already been pointed out.

  7. Grow up, Trey. Sarcasm is the lowest form of communication, much less intended journalism. It’s not even amusing sarcasm.


    Trey’s sarcasm is always funny and he always uses it. Get outta here Zack.

  9. People’s anger at Trey’s sarcasm is really bizarre. Folks, he’s just joking around. And the stuff he jokes around about is not serious business. Getting traded during a blizzard? Yeah, I’m sure that sucks. But on a scale of 1 to 10 of suckiness (10 sucking the most), it’s probably about a 1.5.

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