Apparently this year’s rookie class is composed entirely of guys who don’t mind comparing themselves to current stars. Kyrie Irving insists that he’s not LeBron James. Jan Vesely calls Blake Griffin “The American Jan Vesely.” And now, two Houston Rockets rookies are taking shots at two of the biggest names in the NBA.

First, Donatas Motiejunas, courtesy of the Houston Chronicle:

“I just want to say maybe one word now about the thing about Dwight Howard,” Motiejunas said. “He can push me. If he can catch me, then we’ll see.”

Next, Marcus Morris, again from the Chronicle:

Asked whose game is like his, he had said, “I think maybe Carmelo … because I’m a midrange king.”

On Friday, he clarified his thoughts on the comparison.

“I’m not going to take after him on the defensive side,” Morris said.

Great idea, guys. Cracking on two dudes who love to use quotes in the press for motivation seems like a perfect plan for a couple of rookies who have never played in the NBA. It’s a little too genius. A little too Raph.

I’d imagine that Morris’ Melo zing is a little safer than Motiejunas’ Dwight Howard quote, if only because Howard outweighs the Lithuanian big man by 50 pounds and could easily maim him once they encounter each other on the court. For all we know, Donatas Motiejunas could be the next Usain Bolt, but Dwight will eventually get his hands on him. Once that happens, yikes-a-roni, the San Francisco treat. What’s Carmelo Anthony going to do to Marcus Morris? Jab-step him to death? I’m sure he’ll try, but that is not a lethal maneuver.

There are a lot of confident rookies in this year’s class, which makes things pretty fun. Sure, it might end up badly for them, but we’re sure enjoying it.

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  1. While they did make those comments no doubt, it’s a little unfair to say that they are calling out Dwight and Carmelo because they are taken out of context.

    I believe in Montiejunas’ case, he was calling himself a speedy big man as opposed to a power center like Howard, and a reporter egged him on about playing against Dwight.

    And for Marcus, he was also being compared to Carmelo by a reporter.

  2. “What’s Carmelo Anthony going to do to Marcus Morris? Jab-step him to death? I’m sure he’ll try, but that is not a lethal maneuver.” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on the TBJ blog

  3. The Rockets drafted Joe Budden?

  4. Can’t wait to see Motiejunas crowned by Dwight

  5. Donatas is Bargnani

  6. Lots of good trash talk from a not so good draft class. It will be interesting to see what happens-be on the lookout on Twitter for their responses. Can’t say I wouldn’t be talking trash either tho..


  7. gotta keep people’s attention somehow during the lock out…

  8. Yikes-a-roni is the most insane thing I’ve ever read.

  9. The Ninja Turtles link pretty much solidifies Trey’s legacy as a shining beacon of Journalistic excellence.

  10. aw man its ok, i usually compare myself to Micheal Jordan without handles, hieght, speed, bladness and jumping power… very close..

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