I kinda hate to admit it, but I already love next season’s Timberwolves. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still going to suck. But now they are practicing off-the-glass alley-oops, and that’s something I can appreciate. Plus, of course, Brad Miller.

In conclusion, “Hangover” jokes about wolfpacks.

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  1. I’m giddily anticipating the bro jokes that are incoming with future create a captions.

    Original Bro Brad Miller shares some of his wisdom with Heir to the Bros Kevin Love, while International Bro Ricky Rubio listens in intently.

  2. At 0:05, it looks like the T-Wolves’ press conference backdrop is sponsored by Lifetime. Upon closer inspection, it’s sponsored by “Lifetime Fitness,” but still, that’s not a confusion a team should want to risk.

  3. Brad Miller is not playing basketball this/next year! Dude just had microfracture surgery! He’s like 786786 years old, and could hardly move before the surgery. It takes the best players in the league a year to return from microfracture, there’s no way Brad makes it back, he only got it like two weeks ago! That’s like doing a Perkins AFTER the finals. Perk rushed back and was ready by late January (and wasn’t effective all season). Perk is relatively young, how is Brad going to compete with that, if he returns in March the Timberwolves season is already over!

  4. Brad is supposed to be back in January. Not like he needs the explosion.

  5. What would ordinarily take an average professional basketball player a year to return from microfracture surgery should only take Brad about two weeks.

  6. it’s irrelevant when/if brad comes back. he’s gonna be much more influential in the locker room than he ever would be on the floor.

  7. DONT SLEEP. This team is beyond buzzworthy. Meta-buzz. We all need to be ready to ride the TWolve waves cause they’re gonna be infectious, contagious, outrageous. Love Buzz, Super-cool Beas Buzz, Antwaan Randolph-El Buzz, Bo-Derrick Buzz, Ricky Rubio’s Taqueria Buzz. DO NOT SLEEP Y’ALL.

  8. I really really hope they’re what the Clipps were this past year :) They stank but damn they were fun to watch :))

  9. Rubio + Derrick Williams + Kevin Love + Michael Beasely = Fun to watch team

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