Yesterday, Chuck Cooperstein, the legendary radio play-by-play man for the Mavericks, posted a photo of an updated LEGO-ized Dirk Nowitzki statue at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in the suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Using some 40,000 LEGO blocks, it took master LEGO artisan Cal Walsh about 20 hours to put together. Apparently, LEGO Dirk is steel-rod reinforced and is outfitted in a royal blue Mavericks’ uniform that was rigged with a zipper to make it easy to get on and off the figure without having to take arms and/or legs apart.

Of course, Dirk wasn’t the only Mavs player to be immortalized in colorful interlocking plastic bricks.

Tiny teammate J.J. Barea also got the LEGO-ized treatment, though his statue didn’t take quite so long.

Check it out:

Comments (4)

  1. That’s just mean, J.E.

    Still funny though!

  2. That’s straight from the Will Smith school of “Carlton short jokes”

  3. Good picture! Not exactly “life size” but you got to able to see him

  4. Somebody ate too many Legos as a child.

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