Every outlet from CNN to BBC News to The Basketball Jones has covered it and, well, like any good meme, Twitter is trending with photos of it. Yes, it’s “planking” — the bizarre craze of lying face down in random locations for a photo op. And it seems that athletes have discovered the fun.

On Monday, Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas posted multiple pictures of himself planking around his home. He planked on top of a set of weights, on the treadmill, and even inside of a Jacuzzi. (That last death-defying plank is occasionally referred to as “pathetic drowning.” It’s big in Europe right now.)

Not to be outdone by his friend and teammate, All-Star center Dwight Howard responded Tuesday afternoon with a tweet that read, “Plank waaaaaaarrrr”.

Then shit got crazy.

Rolls-Royces, barbecue grills, motorcycles, soda machines, on the counter of a goddamn Zaxby’s, lawn mowers, grand pianos … hell, Arenas even planked a toll booth. A toll booth! That might be illegal!

And then — cue dramatic music — the ultimate Magic plank …

… on Stan Van Gundy!

Just kidding.

Arenas and Dwight co-planked a hotel.

Awesome, guys. Now let’s play POGS.

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  1. Gilbert planking on D Howard’s nice Porsche was the best one. good stuff Skeets

  2. stupid. funny, but stupid…

  3. vince carter won the plank wars – http://www.mobypicture.com/user/dwighthoward/view/9969659

    he did it in a game!

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