Programming note: Moving days

Thanks to a complicated relocation that involves three cities, two countries and Kwame Brown dropping every box we hired him to carry, TBJ is going to be a little bit slow until after the Fourth of July holiday. There will still be posts here and there, but this is basically this site’s version of the lockout — not much will be happening.

After that though, back at it. We appreciate your patience during our renovations. Please excuse our dust.

Comments (4)

  1. Taco Trey Kerby becomes Toronto Trey Kerby? Exciting!

  2. I’m sure Trey means the 1st of July holiday, right Trey?

  3. trey, speaking of the lingonberries yesterday, have u tried cloudberries. Cloudberry jam is highly recomended, my scandanivian tip of the day.

  4. Good luck, Trey! And congratulations on the move!!!!

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