Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki received a hero’s welcome on Tuesday when he returned to his hometown more than two weeks after leading the Dallas Mavericks to their first NBA title.

The Dirkus Circus was welcomed by about 3,000 fans in a Würzburg sports hall, signed some sort of golden book in the city hall (so “Lord of the Rings”-like, right?), sweated his ass off, and chugged some German beer.

And then he tried singing Queen’s “We are the Champions” again because, well, that’s sort of his thing.

Video after the jump …

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  1. I should have went there. My brother was there and he said it was absolutely amazing. But i was too cheap for a 40 Euro train ticket.
    Unfortunatly nobody in Germany gives a shit about basketball. It may look otherwise, but the media couldn’t care less…

  2. the Mavs had a parade in Dallas. JJ had one in PR. Dirk had one in Würzburg. The Mavs rule.

  3. Next up, Peja gets a hero’s welcome in Serbia…

    seriously tho’, its a shame that Steve Nash probably is going to retire without a ring. a shame…

  4. Had they won it in ’06 I would have been stationed there at that time. Just another reason to drink that heavy German beer.

  5. JJ gets heros welcome. dirk = mvp and cant get super heroes welcome? #smh

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